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Posted: 14/08/2016 at 18:54

emotional wonderful stuff   Nothing quite like the olympics 


Posted: 14/08/2016 at 18:34

Fantastic whitlock    Who expected that?


Posted: 14/08/2016 at 18:08

I too reached a pretty high standard in athletics and boxing but none of us can suggest we are remotely as good as the weakest competitors at the Olympics no matter how much we may brag 

some events do not interest me usually but I am enjoying everything I see at Rio.  The fact GB is doing so well is doubly pleasing.

Would love to see Murray win gold again but, hey!  He will get a silver at least 

Tall perennials that don't need staking.

Posted: 14/08/2016 at 17:52

Joyce, there are many plants you would not "chelsea" chop...veronicas, hardy salvias, veronicastrums, acteas etc

Pruning in spring is not a chelsea chop is really for perennials that flower late on tall bushes that can also flop.......a judicious chop of sedum Autumn Joy and Purple Emperor,,for example, only delays flowering for a couple of weeks or so but produces sturdy growth.

some non stop flowering perennials benefit from a mid summer chop...argyranthemums, for example, which will reflower with vigour afterward 


Posted: 14/08/2016 at 15:47

Check out eryngium Jade is a beauty 

Tall perennials that don't need staking.

Posted: 14/08/2016 at 15:46

Sorry Ladybird...we crossed there

the chelsea chop works for sedums, heleniums, anthemis, and many more 

Tall perennials that don't need staking.

Posted: 14/08/2016 at 15:44


veronicastrums need no staking...white,,pink, lavendar and have nice sculpted foliage.

verbena bonariensis too

sanguisorbas.........PinkTanna at 4 to 5 feet.  Alba at 6'.  Pink Elephant too

agastache black adder, sangria, and others

grasses like helictotrichon, calamagrostis, miscanthus, panicum at about 5 ' or more

lobelias like Hadspen Purple, Tania, Tania's Sister and more need no staking

acteas......superb bronze/black/brown sculpted foliage.....mine are now sending up spikes of scented white flowers

cannas.....have them here now over 7' flowering in reds, oranges and yellows

salvia guaranitica, uliginosa, amistad, Waverley, Leucanthemum, Love and Wishes, all over 5' 

some of the medium height heleniums like Double Trouble, Hot Lava etc need no staking but even the others, if given the Chelsea Chop in May, will be fine without staking

persicaria Polymorpha stands well too as do some of the shorter aconitums like Stainless Steel.  

kniphophias and crocosmias like Emily Mckenzie which are a little shorter than some

if you include those up to about a metre the list lengthens

right, there's a few whilst I now cool off in the shower 

Can I move a mature Euonymus fortunei Emerald n Gold

Posted: 14/08/2016 at 12:55

Hiya Valdel.......I too "style" emerald n gold.  Balls, pyramids, etc...they are features here 

no, no need to root prune in autumn.  at that size it will move easily then but get as big a rootball as possible.  I have moved much bigger ones with no problem at all.

I would prepare the recipient hole first and mix in dried manure, compost and fish blood and bone with the soil.  Of course, water well and it will be just fine 

I would move it late September early October. 

Ordering Online

Posted: 14/08/2016 at 12:49

Plus and minus I said gold standard is risky so you are ok 

as a note of context, I can produce plants bought on ebay that are full size flowering specimens.  At my local gc yesterday I helped a friend buy 8 plants for £19 including a palm specimen in perfect condition for sale at £18 99.  I did even better during the week for myself.  It is the time of year for bargains Kate so go bargain!  

does your £7 include postage?  

Nothing to lose by contacting seller ....easy peasy.  You will offend nobody.  You will be expected to give a rating later for the seller

Ordering Online

Posted: 14/08/2016 at 12:38

Its not Gold Standard Kate standard is one to avoid as it is one of the most susceptible to hosta virus.

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