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Infinity garden

Posted: 02/11/2014 at 09:58

Agree with this however there are shrubs that do not move easily......brooms, cistus, etc 

always good to name plants I think 

Modern Technology etc.

Posted: 02/11/2014 at 09:55

I have ways of dealing with these computer scammers depending on my mood.  I entertained a friend last week when such a call came.  I "assumed" I was to be given a free computer ...a "top lap" and effusively thanked the caller over and over again for her kindness.  i usually have great fun with these guys. 

However, I accept these scammers can and do cause distress

I had cause to contact Barclaycard recently and was surprised to be asked for my phone passcode.  Not just part of it but all of it.  surely the principle is not to away passwords like this ! 


Posted: 02/11/2014 at 09:46

Bet your lunch is at 2 30 Busy  

Morning  everybody.  Dry after wet night.  Feels cooler but some sun out there. Will divide some perennials later including geum totally tangerine 

will take spike into care home later to see my mum there.  They will love him there but he has a long tail that wreaks havoc 

Lobelia Cardinalis

Posted: 01/11/2014 at 19:59

I usually divide a few in autumn to pto up and keep in  gh over winter

Hallowe'en Party 31 Oct in The Log Cabin, Verdun's Garden

Posted: 01/11/2014 at 19:57

Glad you all enjoyed yourselves.  I did mention a small fee per person yet I have  yet to receive anything.  i had rather anticipated enough to buy a new conservatory 

Convolvulus cneorum pruning.

Posted: 01/11/2014 at 19:53

Agree with David.  Convolvulus cneorum doesn't really like too much pruning ....certainly not now.  And it seems fairly short lived so cuttings essential 


It's my birthday

Posted: 01/11/2014 at 19:50

Archie, wishing your granddaughter a fabulous birthday 

Now't so strange as Folk.

Posted: 01/11/2014 at 08:54

I have changed a friend's garden over the past 15 years.    Essentially it's mine though. However, it has been irksome too as my friend regularly adds plants that are not to my taste or according to any "plan".  For example, I wanted a cool green and white area but she spoiled it by wanting a pink rose, then something else, then......

a sitting area in the sun with 2 tall junipers creating an entrance has also been spoiled by her desire for more roses there. 

From a wilderness of overgrown brambles etc she now has an orchard, a veg patch, a pool  a patio and ornamental borders ....her garden is 5 to 6 acres

she simply interferes in, 


Posted: 01/11/2014 at 08:40

Lovely morning. cold weather, wind and some rain in the outlook so I guess this is finally it for this summer 

will venture to the beach with spike soon 

yes Fairy, that is me.  I've  had a word with your repair guy and he will give you a hefty discount 

Bare Root Wallflowers

Posted: 31/10/2014 at 23:56

Ordinary mpc happy cottontail for pots is ideal.  

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