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It's my birthday

Posted: 29/09/2015 at 08:29



Posted: 29/09/2015 at 08:27

Hello forkers 

took spike to beach at 6 30.  Warm. No wind. Big moon.  Light and bright. Peaceful 

forecast is good for a good while yet including weekend.  

Salvia Waverley ....just a small plant.....looking superb.  Will move to plant with a purple shrub, maybe berberis, cotinus or heuchera


Soil. How good does it need to be, really?

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 23:14

Check out a new compact mahonia,,Soft Caress,  Librarians Garden. Evergreen, soft architectural foliage and delightful yellow in autumn.  Underplant with Berry Smoothie heuchera for an eyecatching evergreen display

Focus point advice needed

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 22:58


phormium Sundowner for me there.  Wonderful overalll colour iimpression of red but subtle colour stripes of orsnge and grey on a purple/red leaf.  Vigorous too...upright and tall., complements thst barrel perfectly Have a go Nick.  Check it out 


Posted: 28/09/2015 at 21:30

No not really Tina. 

you can dig old heathers up ....with full rootball intact.....and replant several inches deeper.  Cover with a mixture of soil and compost.  However, I would not bother.  I would remove and plant something else Tina 

Evergreen climber - white flowers - partial shade

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 21:13

Louise, not much sunshine there then.  Sure that's all?,

witch hazel dilemma

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 21:10

I would remove the whole thing and replant with another witch hazel although not in exactly the same spot.

none of your options is ideal.  All are a compromise

Pepper plants sick leaves

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 19:45

My chilli  peppers are similar, alas.  Been neglected really and aphids have had fun with them.  Will prob bin them but there are a few chillis ....will clean them up tomorrow and decide then 

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 19:40

I like them too style too in places.  nice blend of colour, foliage and shapes 

Soil. How good does it need to be, really?

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 19:36

Yes better than first implied Librarians Garden.  incorporate some compost in there too 

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