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What is your weather like?

Posted: 03/08/2016 at 17:00

Dry, cloudy, sunny, cloudy sunny......feeling very warm though. 

Are Heliotrope hardy

Posted: 03/08/2016 at 16:16

You like Cornwall just a bit then Anomander !  

Glad to help 

Are Heliotrope hardy

Posted: 03/08/2016 at 15:25

Homestead Plants Anomander.....just googled and,they,have a wide range 

Are Heliotrope hardy

Posted: 03/08/2016 at 15:23

Hello Anomander......I have come forth 

for sure Chatsworth IS better than the annual marine variety.  The latter has darker flowere, larger foliage but less scent.

I have a dozen plants around the the side and front doors, pathways and sitting areas.  they grow fast and all mine are in 5 litre pots.  Regularly watered and fed.  

I got mine a long time back when I called on somebody who grew this wonderful cherry pie plant.  He gave me a cutting and I have propagated it every year since.  Also found it in a little nursery on my travels. 

Ask at Cross Common Nursery here at the Lizard in Cornwall.  I would expect them to have it and they do mail order 

Which of these hardy geraniums is better?

Posted: 03/08/2016 at 15:10

I have grown Brookside, Orion, Rozanne, Jolly Bee and Johnsons Blue.....had a thing for hardy geraniums once. 

I found Brookside to be shorter blooming than Rozanne and more blue.  I have Brookside in a corner and recently cut back hard so just foliage there for 3 weeks or so.  Rozanne, for me,,goes on and on and I never cut it back.  More purple than blue.

here hardy geraniums make big spreading plants so I have removed many to accommodate other preferred plants.......apart from the blues I have Ann Folkhard, Elke, Wargrave Pink. Coombland White, and Elke.  

however, Johnsons Blue does not flower for very long and I found ir a very over rated plant. It collapses when in full flower and the foliage quite thin

my choice of blues would be Orion, Rozanne and Black Beauty ...this has plum foliage and gemtian blue flowers in mid summer but soon goes over.  Cut back and it often flowers again for a short time.  Always wanted Blue Cloud for a paler blue 

Lawn reshaping

Posted: 02/08/2016 at 20:45

PP, I often do this.....trim the turf back and trench it in upside down about 30 cm deep.  Very effective,,quick and clean.  Would not kill the grass first....not necessary 

Dying Viburnum

Posted: 02/08/2016 at 20:41

Check it out then TT ...maybe your neighbour overzealously cut your shrub.    Otherwise a disease like canker 

Dying Viburnum

Posted: 02/08/2016 at 20:16

Oops! Posts crossed there Nut 

Dying Viburnum

Posted: 02/08/2016 at 20:15

Looks like a canker to me if you are sure  it is not simply a broken branch or two.  Have you looked to check this Tall Trees?

Definitely not wind burn

What is your weather like?

Posted: 02/08/2016 at 19:55

It will all clear up tomorrow GD 

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