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Posted: 12/07/2015 at 12:46

Brughtening up.....sun is coming 

outside now

Carrot query

Posted: 12/07/2015 at 12:44

Michael, not a problem I have experienced but I suspect your soil dried out.  Do you water regularly?  

Carrots need deep cultivation drainage and unimpeded by stones or lumpy compost.  Some disagree but an organic fertiliser like fish blood and bone too.  Carrots like a light but nutritious soil.   I grow carrots pretty on them for weeks and weeks.  Hence my "orange face" 

dont let carrots dry out and then water...they will split.  

Will watch this thread for comments though.  Might learn something about your woody carrots 


Posted: 12/07/2015 at 12:29

Tee hee hee caroline 

is that a rose pansyfsce?.....


Posted: 12/07/2015 at 12:27

Ok hollie.  I will post anyway.  I think I posted some last spring.  Hope someobody will remind me but I'm sure I wont forget

.  The point is not only to give advice here but for all of us to learn, me too.  a comparison in spring would have been helpful.  As I said, for a bit of fun.  Nothing to do with competition Hollie...this is a learning forum.

scroggin, agree with bare roots but they would have been sown in spring.  

I already have wallflowers of good size.  

A neighbour planted out just under a thousand wallflowers one year....did she count them?......but all small.  I plant out about 50 less planting she now grows them as I do.



Posted: 12/07/2015 at 11:49

lovely garden caroline 

(Between you and me, I have a mischievous tendency to agitate...just a little! . ....when too serious remarks ensue I have to smile )


Posted: 12/07/2015 at 11:41 a picture in April of your best wallflower.  I will do the same.  A challenge.  You up for that?  If I'm wrong I will apologise.  A but of fun too Hollie 

Jo sow in trays indoors March/April time.  Pot on when 2" or so high or plant out in rows.  Although hardy cover with fleece...i like to raise fleece above plants slightly ( upside down pots ideal).  Pinch out tips in late spring.  I do this again in July or so.  tramsplant to where you want them in late September

Anemone Wild Swan

Posted: 12/07/2015 at 11:07

Morning Tom.  I have a couple of wild swans.  Different clones too produce different quality.

one plant is much larger than the other and been flowering since May.  Cut back now to produce a flush that will comtinue for several weeks.  The other plant has flowered well but also just cut back

neither plant has phytophthora both being healthy but I have heard many plants are infected.

my plants are prob 3 years old.  For me mulching and feeding, good soil and,,ideally, shade created by slightly taller plants are important.  


Posted: 12/07/2015 at 10:57

My wallflowers were 3 or 4' tall bushy specimens.....3 such plants of one colour look terrific.  A row of one colour makes a wonderful hedge during this time too.  Impossible with late sown wallflowers.

sow them as early as possible in spring for a long growing season to produce large impressive plants .

sow late...or now..for small plants.  Or for a rainbow effect by planting them out in large numbers  

 Wallflowers sown now will germinate just fine but will have just August to really grow to anything.......??

 But, why not sow earlier folks for far better impact plants from late winter to late spring.



Posted: 12/07/2015 at 10:34



Posted: 12/07/2015 at 09:03

Teresa, roses really are over rated for me.  I grow one simply out of sentiment

roses usually when I see them are ugly spiny shapeless "things" over winter.  They produce occasional flowers in summer but more prolific with their diseases and pests.

they need good soil, regular spraying and constant care.  They tear clothing and skin and cause endless cursing 

when grown well roses are lovely. I visited a garden wifh a rose bed in it and it was excellent.  Must have had 30 roses there.  Scent and colour was brilliant.  But no structure and the pruning must be hazardous when squeazing among them.  And when the colour goes?  And when the leaves go?  

My one and only rose has associated plants growing with it. 

so.....grow better things.  Grow variety ..perennials, shrubs and grasses...for something beautiful and easier all year round.

rip them out Teresa


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