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planting scheme

Posted: 22/01/2016 at 22:38

Can you post a picture stevens? 

I'm sure we can suggest a whole lot of things

is it sunny?  Exposed? 

Apart from flower colour would you like foliage plants? 

BBC looking for new Gardeners World presenter

Posted: 22/01/2016 at 21:53

We can all write in to the BBC and recommend someone we don't know so they can offer the job to someone they don't know and we can have a presenter we don't know.  

New lawn maintenance

Posted: 22/01/2016 at 20:02

Spreading finely softed soil or compost over the lawn surface using a lute or back of a rake to level out unevenness.  If your lawn is very bumpy you will need to relevel your lawn but top dressing regularly irons out slight hollows,,etc.

I really would resist using autumn fertiliser now Ajp. a spring feed contains higher levels of nitrogen that will quickly green up your lawn 

Recommendation for heavy duty loppers please

Posted: 22/01/2016 at 19:38

A great pair of heavy duty loppers has served me well for 2 years.  From Lidl.  And 

I cut some very thick wood.  Extending too.  Lidl usually offer great deals in March 


Posted: 22/01/2016 at 19:34

For anyone thinking of buying blueberry bushes I received an email from Trehanes offering established bushes to fruit this year at half price. Limited stocks they said 


Posted: 22/01/2016 at 19:29

So that's where they went 

Planting bare root apple trees

Posted: 22/01/2016 at 19:26

No doubt there will be different opinions but I would plant at normal depth.  You said the field looked dry in October.  Yes, stake well using short stakes to allow top movement but firm roots 


Posted: 22/01/2016 at 19:21

Precocious or what?  My great niece asked me for a fiver today 


Posted: 22/01/2016 at 14:02

Leave it flower54. 

I would cut the stems back...pinch them back......if they look lanky and thin in March 

Planting bare root apple trees

Posted: 22/01/2016 at 13:13

Merryweather, without doubt we will have dry spells for you to plant in. Damp soil is ok for planting just avoid...obviously....saturated soil.

it has been freakishly wet this winter everywhere.  

You have the trees but, although you have them in pots they are not really potted...if that makes try to get them in before March. 

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