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Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: 11/07/2014 at 19:39

Silly me. Meant to post on hello FORKERS.  Confused by kiwiflier's brilliant garden 

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: 11/07/2014 at 19:37

What a transformation above.  

Another scorcher today 

On my travels I dropped Imto a little nursery I've not been to for a while.  Picked up good red echinacea.....unnamed variety but I reckon I can narrow it down.  Ideal for a spot next to agastache summer sky and deschampsia and backed by helenium eldorado and purple foliage dahlia and fronted by artemisia Powys castle.  (it has clearly been cut back so I will let it flower now) 'if it looks good when helenium flowers...any day now...I will post a picture.

Forecast rain tomorrow, and quite a lot of it too, so lawns cut.  Sun back on Sunday 


Posted: 11/07/2014 at 09:28

Bekkie, I am very fond of yellow Honka.  Check it out.  A delightful, simple, single, open "fIngered" flower.  unlike most dahlias 

Dahlia Bishop's Children

Posted: 11/07/2014 at 09:23

Morning blighty mam

Have you put several dahlia seedlIngs in one pot?  

I did same.  Have kept half a dozen that do well every year.  

Dahlias are only just starting to flower....they are mid summer to autumn so plenty  of time.  They suddenly are in flower from seemingly no sign of buds.  

Check for slugs and snails too. I'm sure flowers will come very soon 

(no tricks from seed.  They will form tubers...I guess you know that already.....that produce bigger and bigger plants year on year )

Leggy Violas

Posted: 11/07/2014 at 09:17

Yes, cut them back hard...every flower stem and scalp the leaves too.  Repot in fresh compost and add a little ferriliser.

Check for slugs though. Slugs love violas and it may be you have one or two lurking in there


Posted: 11/07/2014 at 09:14

Sorry, not for me.  Grew lysimachia firecracker for a season for its foliage but too invasive.  

Sioned, I would dig it up and plant something else.


Posted: 11/07/2014 at 09:11

Hello forkers

Bekkie, I am the same.  Dahlias were too blowsy, colourful and huge.  Now I like some of them esp dark foliage or simple flowers or certain colours.  Got nice varieties over the years including yellow Honka, twynings after eight, Claire de lune, the Bishop amd his Children.  A lovely compact white variety too and Star Child has opened over past couple of days.  Living near the National Dahlia Collection has whetted my appetite I guess 

My  mum is still in hospital but home tomorrow or in a day or so.  People knock the NHS but, boy, the nurses, docs, etc are rushed off their feet.  Talking to a female porter she could lose £400 a month when her department is privatised.  She "loves her good at it".....yet will lose so much through no fault of her own.  

Bekkie is getting horse poo but Lesley gets dahlias and coffee.....I,have a feeling Bekkie might feel she has the best of the bargain 

Some rain earlier but now looking good

My Painted Lady bean flowers look good....hope the taste is too.  Raw they are great 



Posted: 10/07/2014 at 23:51

Another very warm humid day.  Sticky.  

Yep, gooseberry sawfly sure work fast.  

Had a nice meal out tonight.  Followed by a couple of lagers 

What is eating my plants ?

Posted: 10/07/2014 at 23:47

Celia, yes i agree...slugs and snails.  But pellets alone won't make much difference.  You need to visit your fsvourite plants at night and hand pick the critters off.

There are more slugs amd snails this year than I've ever known. I drown them in a salt solution and this protects most of my plants that I know to be susceptible 

Echinacea Pink Double Delight

Posted: 10/07/2014 at 21:40

Echinaceas, esp the newer vsrieties, are so variable hardyness and vigour.  They do not like heavy clay soil Bev over winter.  Try covering them with a sheet of glass but allow good ventilation. Some varieties suffer pathogens that warm spells in winter encourage so, as I said before, they are fickle and tricky.  Harvest Moon,,for example, a lovely harvest gold colour, was difficult for me to keep for more than .3 years.  

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