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I'm so so bored stiff

Posted: 02/01/2014 at 11:23

I love dealing with new areas......stones, roots out and goodness in.  Very satisfying.  At aummer's end I dug up a conifer that had served its time well.  Heavy and stubborn.  Lots  of cursing, sweating, attacking but eventually it yielded.

 Then a new plot to clear and enrich.  To see that new empty bed was worth all that effort.  It is now filled with heleniums, Astranias, hellebores, Heucheras,,hostas, grasses, etc.  (Even got one of my anemone wild swan there). I have high hopes for spring and summer.

Good luck james......that ham sounds good too 

August bloomers

Posted: 02/01/2014 at 09:14

Well, the most comprehensive solution from Busy.    How impressive is that?

Oh!  Meant to say "welcome to the forum Peony7". 

I'm so so bored stiff

Posted: 02/01/2014 at 09:10

You will feel so much better even if you get just a short time out there clueless.    


Posted: 02/01/2014 at 09:04

Morning everybody.  It seems most mornings start off sunny and bright amd today is no exception.  Another big storm coming though.

Spike will have cyst removed tomorrow. I think it's fairly routine ...hope so.  

Chicky if the tree surgeon cannot come today can you contact the council?  

Being treated to lunch today .....I shall eat well. 

Keep safe folks 

I'm so so bored stiff

Posted: 01/01/2014 at 22:24

Hey clueless

I guess most of us feel like that too.  The stormy weather, the dark days and the fact that father Christmas has left us to our own devices yet again is a bit depressing. 

The weather usually evens out so we will get a long dry spell soon.  Then you can get outside and garden.  

Mind you there is plenty of time yet to get gardens right.  No urgency really, is there?

Relaaaax clueless.  


August bloomers

Posted: 01/01/2014 at 19:26

Dianthus, ESP if held back by removing flowering stems, would provide nice scented blooms in a wide range of colours.  A bed of pinks and carnations will provide loads of flowers.

Heleniums would be at their best then.  What about the SINGLE dahlias...twynings after eight,  yellow Honka, etc?  Agastaches too....some really good varieties now.  Hostas, if denied earlier flowering, will produce nice scented blooms.  Pelargoniums, argyranthemums, asters already mentioned but Little Carlowe and Frikartii Momch are superb,  echinaceas, malva alba, penstemons, etc etc.  

Blank flowerbed

Posted: 01/01/2014 at 18:14

Well I would certainly add a group,or two of grasses like miscanthus, stipa gigantea and Calamagrostis.  Overdam, for example, is a lovely green and white grass growing to 6' and topped with beige flowers in summer.  I have several miscanthus in the garden still flowerimg ....well, holding onto their old flowers.....adding a nice rustic decoration.  Stipa gigantea is a must.  Wonderful billowing golden flowers throughout summer soaring high above most everything.

I would also plant a buddleia or two there.  If pruned back only half way each year a structure remains over winter that will soon regrow in spring.

And a canna or two.  The taller ones like Durban can grow 7' plus and flower until autumn with red leaves.  Others with green and,white leaves

And cotinus royal purple.  It would love it there.  No richer purple foliage than that and planted alongside a blue eucalyptus gunnii would look superb


Posted: 01/01/2014 at 18:00

Yes I certainly did?  Great spontaneous joke.  Impressive 

winter jasmine

Posted: 01/01/2014 at 17:57

I grow a yellow ivy, Buttercup, which is eye catching all year round.  Lovely butter yellow foliage.  Nice behind a purple or blue clematis


Posted: 01/01/2014 at 17:48

Nice avatar fairy. ,you really are quite tiny 

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