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Plant Recommendation please

Posted: Yesterday at 16:21

taxus Standishii for me........tough and manageable and colourful all year round.  Will grow much faster than the "books" say....30 cm a year.  Unusually for a conifer it can be pruned as hard as you like.  A pillar of class 

Anyone done any gardening today - Version 2

Posted: Yesterday at 16:16

Nice Dewdrops.  Looks excellent value 

you can apply glyphosate even if rain is likely.  Cover the sprayed weed with glass or plastic or a cloche etc.  frustrating when it rains too soon for the chemical to take effect...this overcomes that problem 

what can i do to this >?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:12

agree it should be hard pruned but I would do it now. i would feed it.....still several weeks of growing time....and a rich mulch enriched with dried manure.  Add fish blood and bone too.  I would remove any flower buds that form in autumn too 

Conifers have gone - What next?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:08


A silver birch and a cotInus Grace in front.  All the privacy you want in spring to autumn and the structure to obscure any direct view.  The colour in summer to autumn will be superb.  If you can add a tall blue perennial to the scene so much the better....e.g. Agastache Black Adder,,Bonariensis or salvia Amistad 

Limpy Plants

Posted: Yesterday at 13:16

Thought so Stephen......don't water every day

inside?  Put them outside.  Now   They will hate being inside in the summer.

My flowers ..

Posted: Yesterday at 12:51

Oh no Busy........nice things are appropriate 

planting out grown on echinaceas later ....milkshake, a delightful variety,,was divided last autumn and responded well.  My plant parcel arrived...sanguisorbq lilac squirrel....and will be planted out too.  

I have several hostas in pots and in the ground...this one is by my front door

Can you suggest a plant?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:43

Love the PG's Hortum-cretae.  Limelight is a favourite but, for something that looks more delicate, check out Kyushu 

Limpy Plants

Posted: Yesterday at 12:40


pinch them back and grow in the sun.  Don't water too much....I think you may have been watering generously! 

Is horse Manure Killing our plants ?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:36

Leave well alone now Scott. 

you didnt say if you planted annuals or perennials.

at the end of summer take out the plants and mix up/break up the manure and soil.  In spring next year scatter fish blood and bone over the soil surface and rake it in 

no major problem Scott 

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 12:29

That is nice Fairy...simply elegant.  Love the shadow/ light effect 

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