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Posted: 07/04/2016 at 12:50

Only grow the low growing blue varieties Bob but I am not aware of it being a slug delicacy.  I find it easy and tough.  Only downside though it can become dormant in early summer if it dries out so I keep it reasonably moist then 

Teasing roots

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 12:47

Prob used to my own way Jinxy.   I'm sure it works well.  I like settling in plants from bottom up 

HELLO FORKERS April 2016 Edition

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 12:45

beautiful day.  Warm sunshine.  

Hope to get out there soon.  Tomato plants growing apace and need to clear out the greenhouse to accommodate them. Prob delay for another week. 

Makes sense SolentWind.  Try to repot a few times to develop large plants 

Teasing roots

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 12:39

Ah!  Jinxy.  That is where I disagree with Monty.  Don't like that idea. 

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends - part 2

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 12:36

Clearly Lyn, you have a lot of support here.  Hope it helps you 

Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 12:35

"Stupid" as in disregarding something obvious   misleading to say it is rude.  Clearly I feel strongly about this but am not offensive or mean to be 

i receive many pm's on the forum who share my concerns.  Doesnt make us bad people folks 


Grasses in a border

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 12:31

Hiya Katfish

i understand why you are nervous about ornamental grasses.  Some seed, some don't.  Some invade, some don't

for me grasses are fantastic features of the garden.  

Choose well.

miscanthus are not mid to tall...they are tall.  And vigorous.  They need dividing every 3 years to keep compact.  However, they are worth it.  Variegatus has green and white leaves making a clean upright feature.  Gold Bar has yellow horizontal bands throughout the leaves.  Morning Light has a more delicate look.  Flamingo has pink flowers.  The others memtioned are beige and all make excellent features from mid summer through winter.  M Purpureus has reddish foliage

calamagrostis is earlier to flower......grows 5 to 6'.  Neat with purple/ beige flowers.  Not invasive.

panicums...Shenandoah has red foliage....are well behaved, erect with delicate late summer flowers

deschampsias are superb....3 to 4' tall with full,,blowsy flowers throughout summer.  Semi evergreen and non invasive

helictotrichon has blue leaves and beige flowers, 4' tall and neat.  

Elymus magellanicus has the bluest foliage of most anything.   Evergreen and grown purely for the foliage colour.

stipas range from small, tennuissima, to tall, gigantea.  Tennuissima does seed a little but easily controlled.  

Pennisetums too are excellent.....some are tender, like rubrum which has red foliage and flowers, some are hardy.  They flower at about 3' from mid summer.

if you want short grasses/sedges there are plentiful with olive, red, maroon, yellow, blue and green foliage

a perennial like heleniums or verbena bonariensis or veronicastrums will assort well with grasses for greater impact.

good luck Katfish 


Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 12:11

It prob sounds very arrogant but who cares?  .  

I don't think people have a clue as to what will happen after the country votes to remain in the EU. I am surprised by many of the stay in comments.  naive doesn't cover it.  head in tne sand and stupid.  

 An increase in our subscription is already planned but held back until the vote.  A huge influx of people will enter the UK but where are they to go?   we just don't have the facilities, the space or the money to accommodate them. I remember a debate months back where some vowed to take in refugees, give them rooms in their homes;  I doubted them then and I'm very confident none of them did.   Who has by the way? 

To me the dangers of staying in are obvious and numerous.  The terrorist threat will become a very real regular occurrence here.  We can't  stop it now anyway; its here but the open door policy of europe will be devastating.  Terrible attacks will be the norm and not in land "far away" but on our doorsteps.  The vast majority on the forum are oldies.....the next generation will suffer because of our timidity. 

too many rich and influential people have vested interests.....old pals the status quo.  They are very comfortable as it is.   They havent suffered cutbacks 

The £9 million is a government estimate re the leaflets...glossy or not is irrelevant.....urging us to remain in Europe.  Every household will be covered before the debate really gets going.  they will be enough to persuade many to stay

Don't worry.......the UK will remain in europe.  People will be too scared to vote for change.  A shame!  A big, big mistake

Charlie Dimmock

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 08:50

We need to stop attacking people personally..........everyone has confidence issues.  Another garden prog is a plus for me 

HELLO FORKERS April 2016 Edition

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 08:20

Morning folks . Later rising to have my monthly shower 

feeling little chillier in the wind but increasing blue sky and sun...looking good.  Looks like we will be having the best of the weather today in west Cornwall.  I think that's only fair 


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