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What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: 28/10/2014 at 13:20

I used to grow zephine drouhin over an arch until it suffered badly with rust, black spot, etc.  in mid summer I used to cut back hard and the resulting growth was clean.  However, without foliage or flowers in mid summer it was an eye sore so now have honeysuckles there


Posted: 28/10/2014 at 13:13

20 degrees earlier.  However, misty conditions coming and going 

don't forget to announce your birthday on birthday thread Lily'll get loads of (virtual) cake 

Rotating Beans Yes / No

Posted: 28/10/2014 at 13:09

I don't rotate runner beans now. They are in the best spot but I generously incorporate compost into the trench every autumn

always best to rotate though

Hallowe'en Party 31 Oct in The Log Cabin, Verdun's Garden

Posted: 28/10/2014 at 08:22

Could never remember the words of that song Punkdoc 


Posted: 28/10/2014 at 08:20

Helol forkers 

Damp, drizzly cloudy today

its a shame to do it but now I've started I will carry on cutting stuff back.  

have a good day everyone 

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 28/10/2014 at 00:03

Busy, thinking of you but that's one awful day.  Just offload here and hope it helps 

Hallowe'en Party 31 Oct in The Log Cabin, Verdun's Garden

Posted: 27/10/2014 at 23:59

Well, with all that food coming my cabin will be welcome to all 

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: 27/10/2014 at 19:22

Hiya Woody.  Heliotrope chatsworth

Monty don new series

Posted: 27/10/2014 at 19:07

Watching recorded episodes.  Interesting but patchy.  It's a prog about gardens but so far nothing inspires me.  Monty tries a different way.  I'm sure he will inspire potential gardeners to have a go though 


Posted: 27/10/2014 at 17:18

Been busy too digging up and tidying plants.  Keeping most of my cannas in the ground though.......want even more impact next summer from them.  Digging up some tender perennials and replacing with wallflowers for the winter

misty overcast day with just a promise of sunshine now n then


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