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Pathway straight or curved

Posted: Yesterday at 19:27

You can have curved path with formal planting Sloppy.  a contrived curving path would look odd but, generally, curves are better aesthetically than straight lines 

Agastache Black Adder

Posted: Yesterday at 19:22

I know Lyn but Black Adder is sterile...........

all  of my agastaches are sterile.  

Sowing grass seed in stony soil

Posted: Yesterday at 19:18

Lucid, that heeling is it a few times raking in between.

but.......think of the benefit to your health cos heeling is great exercise.

are you going to dig a pond there?  If so I would dig it out before sowing the grass seed...........?

Plague of giant slugs

Posted: Yesterday at 18:54

Which ones Jo? 

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 17:37


Sowing grass seed in stony soil

Posted: Yesterday at 16:37

small stones are ok Lucid. Grass, and grass seed, is will be fine.   

Think of that ground as emerald green soon as you rake and level.  It's what I do on such projects to keep momentum. You have ideal time of the year and hopefully some decent weather.


Posted: Yesterday at 16:32

Yvie, excellent news about your mum.

implants aren't necessarily the answer it seems.     a cousin to burn...spent a fortune on implants and they are not successful for some reason.  Save money for plants perhaps? 

Hosta. that is a lot of  hostas........dedicated hosta bed?   any that look better than most at this time of year?  mine are variable......halcyon, although not as blue now, is still looking good whereas Gold standard, fire and ice and patriot are going over fast. I'm dividing a couple of hostas myself........sitting in veg patch to remind me 

Well, the sun didnt come out for too long but pretty good 


What to plant in front garden beds/borders?

Posted: Yesterday at 13:32

Yes better to underplant Bristol.....fill gaps with some bare root wallflowers for you can move things around and leave spaces for plants you want later on.  What does well and you like can be divided in spring to make groups of 3 or so.

by varying the shape of plants...low growing sprawlers, linear narrow upright, mounds, etc. you can avoid the dreaded straight lines.  Evergreen or deciduous grasses can alter the appearance of level straight lines too. Colour from foliage.....even deciduous spireas like magic carpet can give lots of colour and size.  Red/orange new growth on yellow foliage and flowers too in summer.  A small purple shrub like berberis can look spectacular alongside from spring to late autumn.  A blue evergreen grass like elymus magellanicus will change the theme.  


What to plant in front garden beds/borders?

Posted: Yesterday at 13:02

Ok Bristol.  Hiw about drilling some holes in the sawn tops and pouring in sbk?  Should help rotting process 

Plague of giant slugs

Posted: Yesterday at 12:49

Look....forget the theory about "good" slugs.  control of all of them is important.

last night a couple of large...non spanish...slugs were firmly attached to my kniphofias again.  They were feeding as one fine yellow decaptitated flower head demonstrated.

slugs on the compost heap???? Akin to so many who throw snails over the hedge; they return 

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