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Talkback: Starting a new vegetable patch

Posted: 08/01/2016 at 18:37

Christinelove, agree with fidgetbones but do a PH test.  

Can I plant these out now?

Posted: 08/01/2016 at 17:59

Andy, your kalmia will need acid soil.

have you tested your soil yet?  A PH test will reveal your soil to be alkaline or acid, absolutely essential to know.

Carrots - what's the secret?!

Posted: 08/01/2016 at 17:11

Yes I thnk so wrinkly.  Fleece though is extremely lightweight.  Ordinary fleece is cheap! 

Can I plant these out now?

Posted: 08/01/2016 at 17:08

Snap dave 

Can I plant these out now?

Posted: 08/01/2016 at 16:48

Andy, middle of winter now with cold stuff due.  Just wait a few weeks for evetything.  


Posted: 08/01/2016 at 16:35

Oh no, snowing there Fairy ......oh dear, oh dear

been luverly here.  


Posted: 08/01/2016 at 15:58


Talkback: 10 ways to deter carrot root fly

Posted: 08/01/2016 at 15:54


Posted: 08/01/2016 at 15:53

Well said Snow 

Can I plant these out now?

Posted: 08/01/2016 at 15:52

Pot them on.  All good,,tough plants.  No they will not come on any quicker if planted out.  On the contrary they will sulk in wet cold ground.

loosen any tight roots and water well.  A greenhouse, cold frame or any contrived protection to keep them a little warmer and drier and away from the worst of the winter.

the herbaceous stuff, especially, will grow fast in a few weeks.  A second potting on in early spring will produce far bigger plants to out out a month or so later. 

I usually purchase lupins,,delphiniums, lychnis, etc. etc in 9cm pots in early Feb and by mid spring they have tripled, quadrupled in size. 

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