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Posted: 21/04/2013 at 14:02
I grow Stockbridge arrow. Think it's the best. I have a feeling blackest that whatever you grow will be very good......send me a fiver now......please?
Chicky, no just an enthusiast. But did grow and sell quite a variety,of plants. Made some money too but I talked too much.......???
Did it as an adjunct to my work.
Had plans to buy a local nursery once and to go Imto partnership growing wholesale plants. Am very passionate though with a desire to grow plants to the best of my ability. Ruthless though....plants that don't perform well are discarded
I have not been able to get my Eremurus to flower despite knowing the theory how to. Trying again this year.....I think it's more to do,with heat than anything else. Be interested to hear how others get on this year with it

monty don

Posted: 21/04/2013 at 13:50
Maybe age has something to,do,with it, or pure nostalgia, but GW used to be exciting with Geoff Hamilton for me. But I think,that's what it really is...age and nostalgia.
Maybe I should present GW..I would feature hellebores, astrantias, salvias, echinaceas, ....ok hostas and fuschias Brum.....and veg and fruit. There would be a weekly "my jokes" section where I would repeat my very funny stories, finishing with "I'll get my coat"
You folks would love it.
And I would get paid!

Talkback: Growing salad crops

Posted: 21/04/2013 at 13:41
This talk has decided me to plant out my lettuce.....already growing in trays.
Love all summer crops...carrots raw, beans raw rhubarb raw.
The veg garden can look good too, as obelixx said, with red Beetroot alongside fresh green lettuce and rows of feathery carrot tops.
All without pesticides, slug pellets ....just organic food
Gooseberries forming, blackcurramts and blueberries too. Peaches, apples, pears all throwing embryonic fruits. Tomatoes potted on and even lemons,on my tree.
Luverly time of year

euphorbia characias black pearl

Posted: 21/04/2013 at 11:59
Hiya Steve,
I do not allow,flowers on my coloured or variegated euphorbias to form...I grow for foliage colour.
Many euphorbias become biennial if flowered stems are not cut soon my opinion. Cut back as soon as flowering is over.
There are so many clones too....some poor plants and better ones of the same variety. Most euphorbias are short lived anyway.
So, I think your euphorbia may be getting past it's best. I take cuttings every year and these root easily to produce good size plants the following year.
I grow euphorbia rubra ..a purple variety....and never allow it to form flowers....they spoil the foliage and weaken it my opinion. I do same with White Swan.
Old leaves and stems do deteriorate, almost suddenly, with age.
I would propagate your plant steve

Info For Newbies - How to ensure that your question appears!

Posted: 21/04/2013 at 11:14
Cake? ........someone mention cake?
Er, I'll have some

Our own A to Z of our Gardening

Posted: 21/04/2013 at 11:11
Geranium black beauty. Melinda. Jollie Bee, Elke, Margaret Wilson, Tanya rendell ....oh so many that I most of the newer ones cos they really are better.
The doubles though are not worth it.
Gaura lindheimeri corries gold, gazanias, and G for guaranjuato the most beautiful blue salvia. 3' or more tall, tender and large dark blue flowers all summer


Posted: 21/04/2013 at 08:58
Had porridge with apricots and cream and a luverly cup of tea.
Yes that campunula porshin, ported, port....potremgla.....that invasive one isn't for the average garden. I grow a variety called Birch Hybrid. It's colour is amazing and this one is only slightly invasive but easy to control. Used to sell this plant and it was so popular.


Posted: 21/04/2013 at 08:48
Hiya blackest
Rhubarb and the curry plant together indoors.......hmmmmmmm!
The better the soil the better your rhubarb.
For me. I would dig out a hole at least twice size of rhubarb crown. At the base I would add compost, manure and lightly fork/tickle it in.
With as much compost, manure as possible mix with your garden soil plus organic blood n bond....and backfill.
Water, drain water again.
Later ....few hours or couple of days....mulch with compost
Don't pick this year. Enjoy next year . ( do you know the variety?)


Posted: 21/04/2013 at 08:28
I agree with my Cornish cousin....sun scorch.
Are they in pots or in soil?
Some fleece might be a good idea and ....without over watering....make sure they do not dry out


Posted: 21/04/2013 at 08:24
I'm still having breakfast. I must get outside walk first though
Busy lizzie I am fond of Pulmonarias......have some nice foliage varieties but Blue Ensign has to be the best. Gentian blue flowers for weeks. I split and either plant or pot up after flowering every year

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