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Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 09/07/2013 at 19:43

Hello everyone.

Well, even otter than yesterday.  Must have been approaching 30 degrees.  

At foodbank was soooooooooooooo hot.  Hectic too.  Gets busier every week.  Got to go in again on Thursday this week.

Its fun waiting for new buds to open, ESP on plants not grown before.  It's also time when you see if the plant combinations work.  Invariably I will dig up a large clump in full flower because I think it will look better elsewhere.  Usually I get away with it but if this hot weather continues it will be difficult to do this.  Moved a cosmos in full flower over the weekend and think it's ok!!  I know the sensible thing is to mark where you want to move things for NEXT year but I can't wait for that.

The evenings and nights are hot too now....but that's why plants are still growing overnight.

Hope you are all fine and dandy

Feline Invaders.....AKA Cats

Posted: 09/07/2013 at 19:31

Justin, first of all welcome.  Nice to have you here.

I do get cats coming in.  They don't seem to do any damage but I'm aware when they can.  Seed sowing time....cats love the fine tilth and invade. So, I cover with fleece.  After that I try to keep the ground surface damp with the hose until the plants have grown.  I have a dog too....guess his presence helps.  if I see a cat I chase and if I happen to have the hose I squirt it at him.

Foxes visit me...sometimes they leave a "calling card" which is very foul smelling.  Not,often but now and then.

I know cats are a real problem...prob more so in the towns and cities.  Not sure the owners can do much or ourselves. 

Where do we start?

Posted: 09/07/2013 at 11:22

hiya Eri

most of us on this forum are self taught...learned...still we went along.  wish I had a forum like this though when I started cos it would have helped me avoid some expensive mistakes.


Sorting out a garden is not really complicated...if you have time that is the most important requirement

Firstly, can you say something about the garden?  its size, the type of soil...does it get boggy in the winter or is it sandy and dry out quickly in the summer?.  Next to decide what is already there, what you want to keep, what you cant move.

At some stage before you actually plant things you will need to do a PH test...its a simple thing to do.  go to a garden centre and get a PH tester, very cheap, and the instructions will tell you what sort of soil you have as far as growing plants is concerned.  This bit is when you have cleared your garden not something to consider right now

Clearing weeds?   What state are the weeds in?  are they huge, totally covering the garden?  are they perennial bramble, etc?  Perennial weeds can be sprayed to kill them and then the ground can be dug over.  All roots binned to discard, big stones removed.  The ground needs to be cleared and clean and levelled.  I actually enjoy this process as you can see the great progress you are making.

So, the size of the garden and the state it is in please Eri,  and then concentrate on clearing it out.  Once your garden is clean you can decide what you want to use it for, a lawn at all?  plants etc and a place to sit?  

When it comes to the design ask us again.  you will get loads of conflicting advice but mine will be the best.....ha ha




Posted: 09/07/2013 at 08:28

Oky doky Fairygirl..

I guess I did... It's just the magical 80 degree mark, isn't it?

Yes volunteering later.  It will be hot.  Have nice day

Im a idiot!

Posted: 09/07/2013 at 08:25

Kev.  You used them yet?  If not, ask for exchange.  Always breaking secateurs so I buy cheapos every year but one day someone on the forum will buy me a pair of felcos..........  I'm sure felco service department will discuss this with you anyway even if you have used them. Just say you were confused and made a mistake

Which garden hose should I buy?

Posted: 09/07/2013 at 08:18

Agree ...don't buy a cheap one.  

Dont like those lightweight flat hoses.  As with Fairygirl, I had one with a garden reel.  If you can fit one to a wall it and there aren't too many corners, etc to get to your plants this is a good method.

Dont like those stretch hoses either....gimmicky I think.

Measure the distance you need for the hose to reach all parts of your garden.  Best not to get a hose that's too lomg either....weight and awkwardness.  

A good hose with good guarantee......some have 5 or 10 year warranty........and the right length.   And,  get well know brand and the best version it has.

You will want a hose with enough squirt power to "accidentally" spray visitors or neighbours.  ( gotta be fun too)






Posted: 09/07/2013 at 08:05

Morning everyone

No woody, Wiltshire must be cheating. Or, sun was in the Cornish guys' eyes!  

Andy, my favourite Astrantia  is one called Jumble Hole....beautiful jewel-like white flowers.  And Sunningdale variegated....lovely foliage.  Anyway, they're all good plants so good luck

81 degrees today.  Should get some cooling sea breezes mid day though. Not a cloud in the sky yesterday and expect it to be same today.

Earlier. The garden was full of scent from Regale lilies as I took quick tour around.

and, crocosmia Lucifer suddenly flowering ...much maligned cos of its thuggish montbretia cousins lucifer has fine, clear green spear like foliage and those wonderful vermillion red flowers shooting into the sky.  Wonderful time of year.

Keep cool folks


Posted: 09/07/2013 at 00:08

Salino, thanks ..I will get a copy.  Sounds excellent

Yes, know those,Phormiums too.  I always split mine every 3 years or so.  It maintains the foliage colour, keeps the plant young and attractive but, strangely does not prevent them from flowering.  Every year in early spring I cut all the oldest leaves and pull out all the dead stuff.  So many Phormiums I see have been left to grow huge so lose the intensity of colour and then become a nightmare for their owners to control


Posted: 08/07/2013 at 18:50

Salino, the book?  Christopher lloyd's garden flowers? Is that it's name?  Must get a copy.  I have or have read a few of his books and always his enjoy his style

I grow a few Phormiums and Sundowner is a favourite.  Jester and dazzler too are very different though.  I  share your reluctance to plant jap anemones but seem to have overcome these omissions with Anemone Wild  Swan.  September Charm is one I liked but it is more of a spreader than honorine jobert so it had to go.  If my garden was bigger I prob would devote a bed to jap anemones but ensure any spread was contained


Garden Gallery 2013

Posted: 08/07/2013 at 11:41

Berghill.  Lovely garden.  Bigger than mine.  How big is it ?

Favourite plants?

Aliesh, originally bought mine from car boot stall years back.  I tale cuttings every year.  It's Arborescens Chatsworth.  There is another perennial variety.... Prob more .....bjt I'm not sure where at the moment you can get it.  I will find out though and let you know

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