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Posted: 10/08/2013 at 15:34

Ok, dogwoods are good choice.....but go for yellow leaved variety, Aurea. And green and white variety, Elegantissima.  You get foliage colour in summer and those red stems from autumn to spring.  Cut them bard back in spring. 

You gotta have hellebores......try to get some mushroom compost in the planting holes.  Range of colours from white to yellow to red to pink, sIngle and double flowers and evergreen lush foliage.

Test your soil.....see if it's acid or alkaline.  This is easy amd cheap to do but essential.  When we know what your soil is we can suggest the right sort of shrubs. For example hydrangeas would look good there but if your soil is acid go for a blue variety.  If soil is alkaline go for a red variety.

Look to foliage for colour too.  Heucheras look good over winter with fantastic evergreen foliage, blue grass elymus magellanicus is a brilliant metallic blue colour, acorus Ogon is an evergreen yellow "grass" and ophiopogon nigrescens is an evergreen black "grass.  Campanula dicksons gold makes a yellow evergreen mound.  Carex buchanii is a foxy red coloured  upright evergreen grass.  How about winter flowering heathers?  They flower in winter and many have coloured foliage too.  Phormiums are grass like plants in evergreen reds, yellows and greens and make impressive structural impact. Could go on forever but euphorbias are good too......some have evergreen purple/red foliage, some green and white foliage and they have yellow spring flowers too.  Loads to consider for a brilliant winter garden




Posted: 10/08/2013 at 15:15

Nice chicky.  Nice subtle blends.  Artistic, may I say?

The prairie planting only works with large scale open areas.  

Well, I got veronicastrum out and helenium in ...without stamping on anything....

......and with the rudbekias in full flower, salvia uliginosa in full flower, frikartii monch flowering, anemone wild swan, leucanthemum broadway lights. (what a fresh treat this is) and cannas, grasses, and dahlias including twynings after eight, acteas now flowering, etc. etc. in this  basically hellebore bed. ( they all grow in the spaces between the hellebores so very low maintenance) it's quite a show from my kitchen window.  I have astilbes amd astrantias too here to associate with my hellebores when their time comes.  Not a single annual there so colour there all  year round from perennials


Posted: 10/08/2013 at 13:14

Yes, veronicastrums are attracting the bees.  Agastaches and heleniums too

Its difficult siting some spikes but they need to be alongside dumpy or mound forms.  Often the experts say to put spikes next to grasses but that way neither looks distinct.  Maybe there is a new thread here but too many spikes together look "flat" agastache summer sky at 5', miscamthus morning light at 5' and growing and veronicastrum fascination just a bit shorter in same area.  Looks good but helenium the bishop is going to replace the Veronicastrum this pm. Bit fussy?  Probably

Got friends coming soon so better get on with my plant movements


Posted: 10/08/2013 at 08:58

Morning all

Hiya Swiss sue.  Don't know that one.  Been trying to get dark yellow hellebores for few years now.  Got some good yellows with same markings as Hantay.  I think you will find the pictures embellished just a tad......see what colour it is in the garden.  Dark yellows are still not available yet as I understand it.  Wanted a dark green double hellebore   But gave it to a friend couple years back.  It is not, in reality, so impressive.   However, good luck and post a photo when it flowers.  I shall be raiding your garden if it turns out like that

Going to add to my helenium collection this morning.  Will have to remove a veronicastrum though that is looking wonderful.  I have a better location for the veronicastrum.....I don't have the patience to wait until autumn to move it.  Want to see it NOW in its new position!

Bit cloudy right now but sun will burst through. 


Posted: 10/08/2013 at 08:41

Hiya gordon

Yes, crocosmia grow very well in containers.  I grow them in 5 litre pots.

Most years I split mine in the ground.....they grow huge and quickly down here.  I simply chop,in half, quarter, etc and pot up those not needed for garden.  They flower just as well in pots.  You can plunge these pots in the ground to,control their vigour.  Lucifer does well but most all of them will in pots

Best to grow in John innes compost top dressed with dried manure in mid spring as well as fish blood and bone

AGree with Stacey......crocosmias do take over once established so best isolated from less competitive plants

Perennial Geraniums.

Posted: 09/08/2013 at 23:37

If you simply chop them back without spraying the regrowth will be eaten too.  Cut back and spray,the soil and plant and ??ou will have healthy geraniums until autumn.  It's what I do.  It works.


Posted: 09/08/2013 at 23:31

All my dahlias have opened now but everything is early,here. Some dahlias are earlier,than others and I'm sure yours will flower soon. When you potted on it would have made your plant simply grow instead of flower. Almost overnight buds appear and then flower so patience for little while longer I think.  

Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 09/08/2013 at 22:04

Oooooo.  I see my name mentioned.  

Nice hellebores Stacey.  As fairy said I do love them.  They flower at the most depressing time of the year to lift our spirits.  

I enjoyed gardeners world tonight.   Inspired me too.  Ironically Monty planted some heleniums and is as clumsy as I am when doing it.  I planted some heleniums last week and intend to plant a lot more

Yes....where's Woody?  Miss his posts and hearing of his garden visits.   Come on inspire us.


Posted: 09/08/2013 at 19:24


Be patient.  It will look good soon with the cooler weather

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: 09/08/2013 at 19:22

Plants look good folks.  Don't do hanging baskets now....too much work watering, dead-heading etc.

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