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Planting Advice please 2 for sunny side

Posted: 03/10/2015 at 19:29

Wot did I say ? 

missing plants

Posted: 03/10/2015 at 19:26

Just look out for seedlings 

Pruning blackcurrant bushes?

Posted: 03/10/2015 at 16:54

Sally, I would look to replace it if it's an old bush and not producing.  The newer varieties are very prolific.  

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 03/10/2015 at 16:18

A little bit of dividing but mainly enjoying sun this afternoon.  So hot.  can't believe it will all change soon 

Planting Advice please 2 for sunny side

Posted: 03/10/2015 at 16:16

Thought I had a climbing rose emerging behind a classy perennial but, panic over, it was just a bramble and it's been pulled out 

Planting advice please

Posted: 03/10/2015 at 12:54

Medium?  7? Neutral but not suitable for ericaceous of course.....except for camellias. I have similar PH here and camelias grow well.  They are more lime tolerant.  Wonderful evergreens ....lovely flowers.

yellow wave is ok but Tricolour is better I think.


Posted: 03/10/2015 at 12:48

Very,,very warm....beautiful summer's day 

why did I promise to wash someone's car?  It's too hot 

hey ho!  Picked up loads of plastic bags today....asked for extra .  And they're giving away long life bags.  Rolling in bags.  One in the eye for those stopping my supplies 

sorry Punkdoc your neighbour is giving you grief still.....what exactly though is he upsetting you about today?  Can't believe I am advocating you stay calm and ignore this's not advice I can heed myself 

got good deal on printer....price reduction therefore an insurance reduction too but sales guys didn't pick up on it .  

Last of the tomatoes today....every one ripened 

peacemaker 2 brothers talking to each other after many, many years.  Now how do I sort stuff with my own cantankerous brother?   And do I really want to? 



Planting Advice please 2 for sunny side

Posted: 03/10/2015 at 08:25

Nice jap willow Sammymummy...I have a couple.  Not much time to write much but underplanting this is something to consider.  Blue geranium Or aster Frikartii monch?  Or purple foliage plants like persicaria Red Dragon? 

Roses not my thing but do they grow well where you are?  There are lots of people here that do like those prickly, disease infested, bare twiggy things in winter.......sorry Sammymummy   Grow what gives you pleasure 

Planting advice please

Posted: 03/10/2015 at 08:15

Morning Sammymummy

firstly, great preparation.  Ideal.  Secondly, great you are having a many are getting rid of lawns and exchanging for concrete.

i would not bother with Eternal is not as good as its hype.  The shrubby winter honeysuckle wafts fragrance in winter

A choisya is a lovely shrub...aromatic glossy evergreen foliage and orange/vanilla scented flowers in spring and early summer.

a scented climber?  Jasmine or honeysuckle?

vertical upright structure?  A conifer or two like taxus Standishii provides weight, scale, colour and structure.  

Linear foliage plants like phormiums for a change in texture, colour and shape.

evergreen perennials for winter flowers like hellebores. 

I hate the idea of filling gardens with "bargain" packs of perennials.  I suggest going slowly by buying only shrubs and perennials you REALLY like.  Aim for quality from the start.  Fill gaps with annuals for first year or two.

PH test your soil too.........if determines if you can grow ericaceous plants or not.  And what sort of soil you have...heavy or light.  Is it a warm or cold garden?  research plants that will thrive in your conditions....

when you have determined your conditions we can suggest plants 

exciting though Sammymummy! 


Posted: 03/10/2015 at 07:58

Hello forkers

going to miss these mornings when fhe weather changes but another beautiful day to come. early morning walk with the dog.  Rain.....yes rain!.....expected tomorrow night. That will really make me realise summer has gone

hey!  The world will be different as from Monday. All the major issues in the world will be solved.  Our air will be instantly cleaner.  We will be paying for our plastic bags. 

Got busy day.  Enjoy your weekend folks 

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