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Posted: 30/06/2013 at 09:10

Hiya Scott.

My greenhouse is a small hexagonal one.  I'm quite tall and for that reason its been excellent.  Aesthetically it is good too. everyone has said it really isn't big enough.  I grow tomatoes and peppers in it and overwinter plants.  

My advice would be fourfold ..firstly have it raised on block work to give height.  Then see if a larger one will fit...cost wise it won't be hugely more.  Thirdly go for quality if you can afford it. Finally, unless you have the experience of assembling greenhouses get it done by reputable installer.  

A friend had one erected by mr botch it and it is awful.....glazing bars fitted incorrectly, door not sliding properly, etc.  I am in process of fighting her corner for her.  She hasnt paid anything to mr botch it yet.....and wont


Posted: 30/06/2013 at 08:59

Enjoy woody.  Be interesting to read your report.  

You could compile a book on gardens you have visited....?  Not reference books as such but more impressions and opinions as a keen garden visitor.  

worst job in garden

Posted: 30/06/2013 at 08:55

The worst job was pruning Fremontodendron.  Lovely looking shrub but spores from leaves, stems etc are so irritating .......getting into eyes, nose,etc.  very unpleasant.  No longer a problem because I got rid of it.  If you have it wear a don't need to,prune it to be affected by it as spores blow in the wind.

(Ihave Carpentaria  Californica in flower at the moment ....this is a lovely wall shrub)


Posted: 30/06/2013 at 08:38

Morning folks.

Warm, humid but cloudy again.  

Sitting here eating brekkie and can see back garden dominated by my stipa gigantea....lovely view. Lupins in background, regale lilies in foreground and my underpants hanging on the clothes line in the distance.  You can't beat a bit of garden decoration!!!!!

Realised a geum sent to me as Totally Tangerine is in fact Borissi.  The former is 3 or 4' tall whereas the latter is half that at most.  The supplier is sending correct plant this week.

Have good day everyone

How long do Lupins live?

Posted: 29/06/2013 at 23:58

Greentooth.  I dig many of mine up after flowering.  If they have a smallish root system  I pot them up into 3 litre pots and cut off all the foliage.  Water well and leave them to produce good foliage and by September or,October I plant them out again or plant them in the spring.  Often, when I dig up lupins, they separate quite easily so I pot these to make 2 or 3 new plants.  

Lupins look drab after flowering so I replace with a tender perennial for,the summer

Summer has arrived

Posted: 29/06/2013 at 22:12 geraniums too.  You have some good ones there.  

Re those beans, if they taste good I will grow those next year too.  


Posted: 29/06/2013 at 22:06

Artjak, think I understand ??ou.  You are an artist and see things in a way that prob most of us do not.  Combinations don't have to be just colour they can be form, shape. Can complement or contrast......???

I,often meet up with an old fellow, himself an artist, when I take my dog on the Towans.  We talk about how he sees opportunities to paint something, etc.and he talks generally,in a way that shows his creative thinking so I tend to pick up on that.   I have no creative ability. play music, to sketch or draw or sculpt....but I guess I try to express myself in my garden.  



Posted: 29/06/2013 at 21:42

They usually appear when the spike is about to flower or in flower

What's happended to my lawn?

Posted: 29/06/2013 at 21:40

Darren I would give it a high nitrogen feed.  Make sure it's well watered first 1....and the next day when grass is dry, day 2  I would apply a feed.  Then water it well again.  

I thought rabbits might be the problem,but I think they would eat the grass totally....not too sure about that though.  Are rabbits in your area? You don't mention grass turning yellow or brown so I don't think it's leather jackets etc in the soil or any disease


Posted: 29/06/2013 at 19:14

Auntie Betty.  Maybe you could start a thread about plant combos?  It's what Im interested in too and I guess others would be.  What's your favourite combination?

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