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Posted: 10/09/2015 at 08:51

Hello forkers. Glorious morning again but it's all change tonight.  

Damson cheese fidget....

Have fun folks 

storing plants in winter

Posted: 10/09/2015 at 08:45

There you go Jo......full of surprises .

 Oh! Catherine I am perfect as well as 'eva so 'umble 

terracotta pots

Posted: 10/09/2015 at 08:41

There is no magic solution Victor.....

john innes soil based compost for sure.  It dries out less quickly and can be "re wetted" quite easily. avoid multi purpose compost

depending on what you want to grow you can add dried manure to compost to further assist moisture retention 

storing plants in winter

Posted: 09/09/2015 at 23:40

My intentions are always to,have clean sharp tools displayed neatly and to hand.  reality is they are thrown into the shed, left outside and often hard to locate easily. 

Row of Laylandi dying - Why

Posted: 09/09/2015 at 23:36

Wot you after Gertie? 

Plants I don't like (for no particular reason)

Posted: 09/09/2015 at 23:34

Interesting advice Tetley

I have cut mahonias hard back ....2 in separate gardens......and they have responded beautifully.  One was done over 3 years after flowering to reduce height (from 15' or so and lanky) and recreate a nice shape.  The other was, almost brutally, from 9' or so to 2' in one fell swoop.  Cut to  6"?  But why?  My Mahonia is pruned to maintain a height of about 8 or 9'.  It flowers well.  Pruned to 6" and flowers wont be produced for at least 2 years surely?  

Plants I don't like (for no particular reason)

Posted: 09/09/2015 at 22:10


mahonia is fantastic.........mine has  architectural foliage and scented yellow flowers when few others are about.

however, annual pruning is essential.  Without that they look gangly,,awkward and ungainly

check out mahonia soft might change your mind 


Posted: 09/09/2015 at 21:20

Fleecing carrots is fine for deterring carrot fly but if carrots are sown in same site or even nearby no amount of fleecing will prevent infestation.  

A combination of nematodes after first carrot thinning and fleece should be effective.  The fleece needs to be tightly pinned though.

Row of Laylandi dying - Why

Posted: 09/09/2015 at 21:12

Oh yes, leylandii can live for a very lomg time but usually those untrimmed.  Then they grow to a 100 feet with ugly bare trunks

"manicured" leylandii however can and do suffer.  A Castlewellan Gold hedge planted 18 years or so ago...I helped.....has been deteriorating over past 3 years and now removed.  

Like so many plantings disease can build up and regular pruning can have an affect.  many conifers are susceptible to browning for a number of reasons...often grown in the wrong places or not fed.   

Plants I don't like (for no particular reason)

Posted: 09/09/2015 at 20:42 least when not grown well. Most I see are covered in disease or mishapen or not pruned correctly.

Dont like aquilegias either. 

but heathers,,hosta, are great.  I grow a few winter varieties.....coloured foliage all year round and winter flowers.  The opposite of those sores....oops!  a spontaneous anagram of roses.  

Dont like annuals in the garden....they have no place in fhe perennial border. hemerocallis not a favourite either except for pale yellow and variegated varieties.  Large flowered begonias are a big  turn off too.  Bamboos and banana plants (they always look tatty and battered) and many euphorbias are weedy.  Yuccas, pampas and coleus ....noooooo 

like foliage, grasses, tender perennials....too many to list.

my tastes have changed though...kniphofias, for example. were always ugly to me but plant them where their foliage is obscured by other plants and they are quite stunning.  So learning how to best grow plants can determine if they are good looking or ugly.

any plant not grown well.....for exqmple, if hostas cannot be grown without slug damage why grow them?  Shrubs not flowering well because of incorrect pruning look awful.  

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