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Posted: 17/09/2015 at 17:46

Yvie.....porridge is extremely good for you.  The "cheap" bit was a bit of a joke.  


Posted: 17/09/2015 at 17:43

They are all a bit risky thinking is no chemicals around food.  


Posted: 17/09/2015 at 17:42

Tender osteos so dig them up and pot them. you can lewve them outside whilst its still reasomably warm but then to the gh 

bright green leaves

Posted: 17/09/2015 at 17:38

Looks like a reverted piece B3.......not known PA to revert but they do 

can you trace the stem to the source?  If so cut it out 


Posted: 17/09/2015 at 16:04

Iain, try copper tape around the rim of the pot.  They tend to hide under the rims of,some pots too so always worth a regular check there.  Wouldnt use pellets though.

i have a couple of peaches in pots.....pretty good crop. ,it's always a battle with birds. ,however whilst they wait for perfect ripeness I get them first ever so slightly underripe.  Feel soooooo sorry for denying the birds....honest 


Posted: 17/09/2015 at 15:59

Porridge is delicious.  Made with dull cream milk and added fruit it is perfect.  Not the pre-made stuff but the rolled oats.  Healthy and.....CHEAP 

popped in for a cuppa....divided tiarellas again to make a group for spring and early summer, split anemone Wild Swan and divided astrantia Jumble Hole.  Dug up slightly tired heuchera plum pudding and took cuttings.  Split elymus magellanicus.  Would have cut the grass but a shower earlier has made it too wet.  Sunny now though 

hope it stays good for Dove's holiday down here and we get a good report 

weedkiller needed for ivy

Posted: 17/09/2015 at 14:32

.....actually I'm a bit like that too Pansy.  My old mum, bless her, was the opposite.  Always saw the positives.  Makes life so much easier 

what does your garden mean to you

Posted: 17/09/2015 at 14:29

Lovely jubbly Paul.  Can reli ant on you for good picture!   robbin Paul to achieve that!  

Osteospermum question

Posted: 17/09/2015 at 13:35

Alex,,for sure mix in some grit there.  Quite likely you will lose osteos over winter then if you have cold clay soil so grit will help.......lightly mound up grit or gravel around the base of the plant too to encourage drier comditions around it.  Perhaps have your replacement plants...from your hand for spring planting.  They are ideal for walls, for cascading over rockeries, etc.   How about a free drainaing mkxture in a tall pot?  

(I,prefer grit to vermiculite or perlite in the open ground)

philosophical Linny?  Practical and adaptable too.  Gardeners have to be I guess 

weedkiller needed for ivy

Posted: 17/09/2015 at 13:28 thinks you wonder too much. , 

prob more issues if the ivy is left unchecked.  

i really don't think anything serious will happen to the wall if it ....the chemically killed.  If dug out then damage is possible. ,

unless I have misread or misunderstood Bill's situation..... ......and this was in my own garden I see no insurmountable problem here.  


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