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Posted: 03/01/2014 at 22:03

Spikes feeling very sorry for himself.....confused, drugged and hungry.  May sleep in kitchen with him tonight.  Hope he doesn't snore 

Peaceful and dry here at moment.  Calm before the storm I think.  Lots of floodwater.

Apart from one pittosporum plants ..including grasses......seem unbothered.  

Hey!  Rain forecast tomorrow and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and..............


Posted: 03/01/2014 at 08:08

It didn't seem too stormy last night. ,lots of rain amd flooding around. Think the weather is getting worse during the day.  It's times there is no wind amd so quiet.  Feels threatening though!  A family escaped being washed out to sea, a driver managed to get out of his car as it was swept into a stream, wheelie bins floating in the harbours, roads blocked by floods and sleet, trees down, thunder n lightning, not lost power yet but some flickering and we are warned we could.  Hey, but it's mild.....10 or 12 today. ... It seems the highest tides did not coincide with the strongest winds........this was the biggest fear.

Going out to take my dog to the vet soon.  Apparently one of the roads I use is blocked by an overturned car so fun n games 

Chemical weed killer near organic veg bed?

Posted: 02/01/2014 at 22:46

I agree.  And during the growing season keep hoeing.  


Posted: 02/01/2014 at 22:42

Ah!  Nice Stacey. 

Tree Fern Survival

Posted: 02/01/2014 at 21:01

Yes I would definitely keep it dry.  Funny this though.....I checked online after to see what' advised and it's confusing isn't it?  

I always think in terms of keeping plants  dry during winter....cold and wet is a bad combination.  

Here in Cornwall tree ferns, palms etc are widely grown and often not protected at all.

For me, if cold is expected have dry straw/whatever handy and some string to tie up those fronds.   


Posted: 02/01/2014 at 20:49

I'm sure it will be fine chicky.  Fingers crossed anyway.  

Physocarpus out growing space

Posted: 02/01/2014 at 19:46

Hiya novice.

I cut mine back in autumn....early spring is better.  You don't get the flowers.  I grow mine for its foliage.

If you cut back in spring and do so hard to the base ??ou will get strong upright highly coloured leaves on a compact tidy bush.

You can move it.....I moved mine one winter.  Make sure you get good rootball.  Not sure about cuttings as I have never wanted to do this but I think hardwood cuttings would work well 


Posted: 02/01/2014 at 19:36

Yes, euphorbia rainbow is a cracker.  I never like two variegated plants side by side.....not that you would do this .....they just compete to outdo each other.  I learned this many years back.

Wishes and resolutions

Posted: 02/01/2014 at 19:16

Hee hee hee 


Posted: 02/01/2014 at 19:15

Yep, much like weeds here.  I simply dig up a large clump and chop down with a spade then pot up into 3 litre pots or replant.  The divided clumps flower reliably every year.  

A divided clump planted in large pot and buried in the ground enables it to be restrained without affecting the flowering.

Lucifer is such a wonderful red.....nothing quite like it I think.

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