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Posted: 29/07/2015 at 12:05

Just heard a motor cyclist has died.  Huge trauma for his family 

Phormium advice please

Posted: 29/07/2015 at 12:03

As soon as flowering is over cut back spike back to the base AnniD

most of my phormiums have flowered this year....nothing pretty but fascinating


Posted: 29/07/2015 at 11:17

Lovely day but not for somebody.  Had a busy morning planned but a serious accident this morning has affected all traffic and most of us had to turn back.  Local side roads are packed and I even saw a minor collision as vehicles tried to squeeze past. Took me an hour and a half to drive about 5 miles.

the accident is at a major black many accidents and a couple of fatalities there.  Just hope it's not someone I know  

Talkback: The mock orange

Posted: 29/07/2015 at 11:12

Virginal does have a very good scent Thrify mama.  I too have Belle Etoile and it is highly fragrant.

I have to confess, were I to plant another philadelphus I would plant Virginal.  Its flowers are so much bigger and the scent is equally as good.

I suspect you have a seedling or another variety.  Not all are scented...I understand one or two new varieties are bred for their flowers and not scent

Making cement planter

Posted: 29/07/2015 at 11:02

I described in a recent thread how I made cement containers using a mkxture of cement and peat.  They now look like old stone troughs.

can't remember which thread now though.    Will search later

geoff hamilton was the inspiration and there must be an old video of this kicking around somewhere


Posted: 29/07/2015 at 07:12

Hello forkers

looking good oit there 

my onions have matured early.. They are now resting on boards off the ground to ripen.   Very early, unusually so. ,they look fine, just a little smaller than usual.



Posted: 28/07/2015 at 21:54

Why?  What year are we in now? ha ha supernoodle

yes May would have been ideal.  Funny how things turn out sometimes 

Bishop of Llandaff (dahlia)

Posted: 28/07/2015 at 21:00

No,,that's not the Bishop.....Bishop has purple foliage

It's my birthday

Posted: 28/07/2015 at 20:47

Mr Runnybeak......hope you had lots of nice pressies 


Posted: 28/07/2015 at 20:45

Sounds like you had a great day Runny. 

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