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Alan's new series

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 21:04

Yes I am 

Greenfly on lupins

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 20:59

Reason for not spraying the flowers is that the spray can make flowers look awful. 

Alan's new series

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 20:57

Its only money hosta

look at the joy 

buds but no flowers

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 20:25

Yes, patience graham.  I think it has been cold in places this spring esp night time.  Flowering will come

Greenfly on lupins

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 20:21

An insecticide will effectively remove those aphids  if they aren't smothering the flower spikes.  If they are spray the leaves Angela

so far I haven't had an aphid problem on anything....tempting fate aren't I?

Alan's new series

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 20:16

watched Alan Titchmarsh's new love your garden prog. 

for me, it's overly sentimental, over soft, over emptional  and almost cringingly intrusive.   I LOVED it.

not much really about gardening as such but shows what a garden can do for folk.

whisper it folks?  I think I'm getting soft in my old age 

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 20:08

Thanks fidget.

How to eliminate bamboo altogether from a tricky spot

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 18:33

bamboo is usually a nightmare eventually. if it grows unseen, u der a building, shed, patio, it will be impossible to control.


Posted: 24/06/2015 at 18:29

Fidget, well it will be hardy here.  Already took cuttings....I cut it back slightly.....and expect them to root as easily as Amistad.  


Posted: 24/06/2015 at 17:59

Busy day.

on my journey I popped in to Burncoose nurseries and picked up salvia love and wishes.  it was cut back for me...??....but not properly and I could not resist saying  where I would be cutting it back!    Potted on to grow for a couple of weeks but by then it will be at least twice the height and possibly flowering.  Lovely plant folks.  To those who know it flowers like Amistad. 

got lawns cut and was intoxicated by a mock orange scent flowering to one side.  To  add to the concoction heliotrope arborescens chatsworth was pushing out cherry pie fragrance in the sun.

another beautiful day

meant to look out for hosta stained glass Dove but forgot

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