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Garden maxed out

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 21:54

Fishy, I guess many of us take more and more from our lawns but I would not be without my lawn. Mmy area...areas...of green to relax in, admire, sit in and play on.  That unique smell from a newly cut lawn!  Would not be without that.


soaker hose versus drip line.......

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 21:41

Soaker for runner beans and veg.....very effective 


Straggly Geum

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 21:28

I find too that regular removal of spent flowers and stems helps make for sturdier plants

Verbena rigida

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 21:25

Yes Aliesh, I grow rigida.   Leaves are quite sparse and not at all like yours.

mine are about to,open flowers

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 20:06

Not forgotten Runny.  Beans are 3/4 up now.  Not a lot to see mind...carrots, spring onions, beetroot, rads, lettuce, peas and blueberries in that patch.

Straggly Geum

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 19:41

Ah! You got me there jo.  in my experience most geums need moisture but if tall guys like totally tangerine are well watered they will be more lax. I grow TT in dry and rich soils here but the sturdier ones are in drier soils.  For me,,it's all about experienting with plants.

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 19:34

Love that colour Davids......

Veg plants dying

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 18:51

Got to agree about hardening your plants off Lynne.  It's not just about tempersture but getting used to outside conditions generally....the wind for example. Takes just a couple of days  or so ar this time of year . Stems and leaves will be soft and lush inside and easily broken or bruised outside

Straggly Geum

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 17:56

Keep it on dry side with very little feed.  If it is totally tamgerine it will stand more sturdy if hard grown I find

Anyone identify this plant for me?

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 17:54

Had another look and I think now it is jap knotweed hefty.  I would still dig it out.....dig deep and remove as big a clump of soil as possible. 

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