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Grass & Raspberry Canes

Posted: 15/09/2016 at 09:08

Slighly late for glyphosate now........???   

Angie I would dig over again.  Take your time but do it thoroughly.  Raspberry runners are usually easy enough to see and remove as are grass roots.

digging the soil thoroughly ...ideally incorporating compost as you go......will only be good for any future planting

next spring if you see any of these " weeds" use glyphosate then but there should be very little of them


Posted: 14/09/2016 at 23:51

Pokhim....whoah!  Take stock here.  Think!

just buying 200 you have upped to 300.  Why not 400, 600....1000?

choose varieties you really like.....less is more in my book.  Remember loads of daffodils mean a lot of ugly, dying foliage for 6 weeks in your garden after they have flowered.  

crocus for me are hugely over rated.....they flower for such a short time but leave a legacy of weedy foliage for several weeks too.

mixed bags of bulbs a big no.  Groups of the same variety look good among other perennials, shrubs etc.  

I get the impression you have a fixation on bulbs right now with a vision of all the pros but not seeing the cons.  when I first got into gardening I loved blue muscari.  Had them here already, bought more and spread them everywhere.....that lovely blue, you know, will create a fabulous scene in spring????   Now I want rid.  Now I know they are invasive little sods!    They spoil other plants.  Now I have them in limited areas only. 

get to know just what daffs you want......Cheerfulness for example will prob give you the best fragrance so  plant a few groups where you pass by, etc.  Tulips?  Many of the modern varieties are one year wonders only.  Lilies?  Some are fragrant; some need acid soil.  Alliums?  some are invasive.  Check out the differences.

I suggest you go for selected varieties to enhance other plants in your garden.  Remember too, many bulbs will increase rapidly...daffs, for example,  and need dividing and replanting so in 3 years or so you will have a lot more of them

my local GC has bargain packs but they are not really what I want.  I will instead peruse the catalogues and choose exactly what I want. Colour wise, size wise, scent wise to fit my garden plans.  Possibly more expensive but usually not. 

Don't fill your garden with bulbs Pokhim...........just for spring?  What happens for the rest of the year? 

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Leather Jackets

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 22:23

sounds good Dave   Yes, keep lawn moist for a while now 

Transplanting hydrangeas

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 20:47

Bulkerb, very stiff neck looking though 

don't forget the watering and thick mulchimg for absolutely top quality display 

Late blight tomato plants

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 19:36

Yes...however, the jeyes fluid you get now has a changed formula...more environmentally acceptable apparently. 

I will spray the gh...inside and out as well as the soil soon 


Posted: 14/09/2016 at 18:12

More or less as H-C

take cuttings now...asap.  You will have young plants for next year then B3

you said your plants are a few years old?  Rosemary suddenly gets tired,,woody and straggly and I try to replace them after 6 or 7 years.  The replacements are always better.....for the next 6 years or so. 

pruning...if you prune hard then, NO.  You wont get a bushier plant.  Instead you get die back.  Pruning every year means you can keep it bushy;  miss out a year and you lose the density. 

By the way, does your rosemary have bright blue flowers or the usual pale insipid colour?  I replaced mine wifh Benenden Blue.  Just as good a culinary plant but an attractive flowering plant too.  finer better foliage too 

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Late blight tomato plants

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 17:57


I like to wash them in jeyes fluid at the end of the season..

HEY! This aint right!

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 14:24

Fond memories of cornwall then Frank 

HEY! This aint right!

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 13:03

I remember spending time in Carlisle and other northern towns in my student days......everyone thought I was a black man ***.   I thought everyone up there looked ill.  I realised up north they don't know what a sun tan is, Fairy.    14 degrees is coooooooold 

***black man not meant in any racist way whatsoever...of course!  just a description of my relative colour to those up north 

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My flowers ... (2)

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 12:50

Actea Brunette with scented flower spikes......more to come atop purple foliage 

Salvia Uliginosa........prob 9' across and more tall

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