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HELLO FORKERS March 2016 edition

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 21:55

Showed my garden to my great niece today during the only (brief)  sunny break all day,  although she is only 10 weeks old she told me how great both my garden and I are . A few bottom noises abruptly ended our conversation but clearly she has good taste 

Big Dreams Small Spaces

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 21:34

Just watched the latest prog......again, very enjoyable.   Monty in his element again giving lots of pleasure  

HELLO FORKERS March 2016 edition

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 20:04

Yvie,,what have you ordered? 

Looking for a nice ornamental grass

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 19:15

Looking for a nice ornamental grass

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 18:44

Folks....knee to waist height......most of those suggested are twice that height 

Help with plants for new bed

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 17:34

Sorted then

Choisya White Dazzler

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 17:20

Aztec Pearl is not a plant I like too much.....lacks the fuller aromatic leaves. Sundance is nice too 

Looking for a nice ornamental grass

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 16:56

Check out deschampsia cespitosa.  A beautiful deciduous frothy grass to about a metre.  Flowers all summer.  

The pennisetums are nice too, esp Villosum....this has large caterpillar like fat white flowers from late summer into autumn.

the " lovely Verdun" Snow?  wot u after? 

Help with plants for new bed

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 16:49

So, what is your desired plot there?  Roses based then?    Things to go with roses perhaps?  So far you will have very little to see over winter. 


Posted: 24/03/2016 at 16:44

Melvyn, just about still a good time to move it now.

i would cut the branches down by half,  dig/prepare the recipient hole making it as generous as possible, then dig as wide a rootball as possible.  Have a bag of ericaceous compost to hand, mycchorhizal fungi, and some organic pelleted/granular fertiliser to hand. 

Apply a scattering of mycchorhizal fungi to base of the recipient hole and present the plant so that the roots are in contact with it. Mix soil and compost and fertilizer and backfill. Allow a slight sump and water well.  Allow to drain and water again.  Prune back hard to just a few buds from the ground.  You will lose flowers for a couple of years. 

next day or so apply a thick mulch....dried manure mixed with compost is fine.


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