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Have I. Become a Victim?

Posted: 06/05/2015 at 07:31

Mike........we are ordinary souls here simply wanting to enjoy the forum.  I Guess we dont want to analyse one another just want to discuss amicably garden and other topics.  As said to you often enough....its not about YOU Mike 


Posted: 06/05/2015 at 07:26

Is it a little early for leatherjackets though Blue?  

If it is cats they will be making that area a regular callimg point.  I would drape something there overnight for a few nights.  They will go elsewhere then


Posted: 06/05/2015 at 07:20

Hello forkers 

sunny morning. wet overnght. showers forecast but, like yesteday, I think they may pass us by.  High pressure building ........?

may get some quick plantng in today.  I know what I want to do so not much delay

canna tropicanna black and aeonium swarskof though I have not decided where they will go


Posted: 05/05/2015 at 23:23

Ive started to feed mine with seaweed spray.  They will have a fish blood and bone feed when planted out too. Not so much for this year but for building up the tubers for next year.


Posted: 05/05/2015 at 23:20

ryan, Looks like an animal is using that area as a loo.  perhaps draping a piece of netting over the area at night and see if it improves.  You could apply a liquid lawn feed there to help it green up.

Verbena bonariensis

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 23:13

They will need to be quick......first week of May almost gone.  The impetus of spring has gone.  The longest day here in 5 weeks.  To germinate, to grow 5' and then to flower...all before the end of summer. Ok, possibly some flowering in time for the onset of frosts. but surely better to sow with a view to have reliable summer long flowering plants mext year yet have something else this year instead to look at.


Posted: 05/05/2015 at 23:05

Its nothingii Iseeii blankus

Is it possible to propogate a weigelia ?

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 22:04

New plant on me Tetley...Carnival. will check it out. weigela florida variegata has always been a favourite of mine 

will check out the yellow variety too Berghill.  Never grown it.

How to apply blood, fish and bone fertilizer?

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 22:01

Yes,,must be "tickled" in though not just left on the surface.

48 perrennials for p&p of £5.98

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 21:59

An offer like this is all,about quantity not quality.  So many of these bare root or tiny plugs turn out to be duds pr meed a couple of years to begin flowering. Time is so precious......these insignificant plugs will do nothing for the garden in that time or give you any pleasure as the grower. You also end up with plants  you simply do not want.

Better to buy quality plants ...they can be divided to emsure economy too but you get the plants and colours you want. 


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