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Runner beans plants decimated up to 4 feet

Posted: 23/09/2012 at 09:44

We have a problem on our 48 allotments.  

Everyone's runner beans, peas, beetroot leaves and sweetcorn are being eaten.  The beans are totally decimated up to 4 feet and the tops left intact.  The leaves and beans are all eaten but the main stalk and the leaf stalks are left.

Deer come onto the site (in Bath, Somerset) but they would not stop eating at 4 feet, though I suspect them for eating the beetroot leaves and sweet corn.  There are no hoof prints and no droppings evident either.  The tops of the runner beans continue to grow and are left untouched.

Some people have reported seeing a badger on site but that is a heavy creature that would push over the canes, and there is no damage to the canes.

Magpies land on the beans but are only likely to pick off a few flowers at the top.

It cannot be slugs or snails as everything has been eaten, and across all allotments.

I have asked the council to install a high fence to keep the deer out, but I don't believe they are the problem.  What is causing this damage?

whats eating my runner bean leaves

Posted: 23/09/2012 at 09:20

You would see some slime trails on the remaining leaves if it were slugs and snails.  

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Runner beans plants decimated up to 4 feet

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