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Talkback: Pond plants

Posted: 13/05/2012 at 14:44
U need a couple of bunches of Canadian pond weed, it's not native but ideal for new ponds, plant it it baskets so u can control it as it grows rapid in warmer weather! Then u need to buy a little duck weed which is a floating plant which will help the stop the sun from letting algea thrive! U must not let it cover the full pond, but about half as your canadian pond weed needs light, though very hardy and can also tolerate shade. Next u need some marginal plants for your selfs, water iris is a good choice but try to avoid the yellow version unless u are willing to lift them every year and separate them as they a normally a no no for small garden ponds. The Siberian iris could be a good choice, marsh marigold is also a nice easy plant to grow. All and all that's about all u need to start I off, once it's established u could then think about adding a nice water Lilly, ( nymphoides peltata ) water fringe would be the perfect choice, though it's not actually a Lilly it's a little plant that grows just the same and ideal for u! The flowers differ from the traditional lilly but flowers all the same. Hope this helps paul
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