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Shady blooms from seed - Help!

Posted: 11/02/2014 at 14:07


To say I am a novice is an understatement so I'm looking for some help.  I am on round two of trying to establish my garden.  Bought my first house last year and merrily spent a small fortune on loads of plants more or less all died.  The culprit - a very large poplar tree that casts a reasonable amount of shade over my garden.  The tree is being removed this year and I want to try again - but for budget reason I want to start from seed where possible just to give me a strong basis before I start playing around with things in earnest.

Therefore I am looking for recommendations of plants that have the following tendencies...

  • Easy for novices to grow
  • Fast establishing with good coverage
  • To be sown in Feb/Mar
  • Ideal scheme is white and purple/blue and a bit wild and unstructured.

Any ideas anyone.  Eternally greatful of your help.

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