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Seeking suggestions on back of border periennal

Posted: Today at 10:02

Would an achillea suit? Lychnis chalcedonica or silene regia...

Maybe a campanula for the blue although I don't know if they like sandy soil...

What will you be planting around it/ in front of it, ecokid?

Lupin pest advice

Posted: Yesterday at 22:18

This is my third year of having lupins and last year they were crawling with aphids.

Resigned myself to chopping them down this year when they got too bad but somehow the house sparrows found them and have picked them off faster than the aphids can multiply.

They are still flowering, very happy as I don't use pesticides. Hopefully there'll be more sparrows now for next year and they can make a start on some of the other plants

Weird plant

Posted: Yesterday at 17:27

They never did well enough for me to recognise but if it looks like one to you Papi Jo, I'll just ignore it. 

One of the other undead has just a small brown cone as a flower and I don't recall buying that. Think they all need stamping on.

Thanks for your help

Weird plant

Posted: Yesterday at 16:52

Hi Edd,

Thanks for the suggestion. Just thinking though, osteospermum and zinnia are half hardy I think and I haven't planted any out...

If it's deformed could it be an echinacea? I had some that always got eaten and I don't think ever flowered and I put them in that border to die

Weird plant

Posted: Yesterday at 16:33

Hmm, maybe - not a plant I'm familiar with so I'll look it up...

Its about 3" high and feels kind of bristley...

Thanks sanjy

Weird plant

Posted: Yesterday at 16:21

I noticed this in one of the borders today - does anyone know what it is?

It has a partial leaf which makes me think of echinacea, but it can't be can it...?


white flower seed

Posted: 26/06/2015 at 11:00

I've got some ammi majus and am due a free pack of white sweet William from Chiltern's which I'll happily halve if that fits in with your scheme.


Posted: 26/06/2015 at 10:32

I didn't see this latest news story but I thought an open verdict was recorded. I know people like to have answers after a sad incident such as this but sometimes there are none.

To go back to the OP's original question, gardeners on here seem to be aware their plants are poisonous - what sort of response are you getting from your clients Trevor?

Please help me identify these plugs

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 10:18

B I think is (l to r) verbena, echinacea, geum, 3 and 4 - I think 4 is the armeria but I could be wrong and then lavender...

Edit: I agree with Paul on reading back - what I have called 3 must be carnation, labelled as geum in pic B above.

Please help me identify these plugs

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 10:10

I think the labels are still jumbled

A is lavender, coreopsis, foxglove, aquilegia, delphinium not sure on the last on right labeled as lavender, but not lavender.

The pics have disappeared so I'll post and then look at pic B...

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