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Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Today at 14:14

Worth a try Fishy Didn't you want the JE? Sorry, I might not have read your message properly I nearly threw in some hornwort as well but wasn't sure how you and Lyn would feel about it, cross contamination etc...

 P.S not me Justin, sorry. I did grow some mixed from seed this year but nothing looks like Blue Boa.

Does anyone know what this little critter might be?

Posted: Today at 14:00

I had slug worms on my cherry tree last year, peanuts, not loads though. They did the same sort of damage but it is fine this year.

It's my birthday

Posted: Today at 13:05

Happy Birthday Busy Lizzie!

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Today at 12:35

Glad you got your plants/seeds okay

I have them in a bog area at the edge of the pond, Lyn. The TM spreads about, well, just appears here and there so might be better off in a pot. I've got an idea they both can be submerged to 25cm though...

I should say to both you and Fishy if there are thick white roots in the JE, they will be mini bulrush too so might be worth removing, I tend to let them jumble together, being idle. It's not invasive by any stretch, I've had it 2 years with no restraint and it hasn't gone crazy or anything.

Cottage style with trees?

Posted: Today at 08:34

I discovered that with the flagpole cherry I bought from Parkers. They say 3.5, rhs says 8

Td immunisations...

Posted: Yesterday at 20:19

He looked like a nice pony RIP Cupid

North Facing

Posted: Yesterday at 19:04

My garden is the same Janet, in the winter the sun doesn't get high enough to shine over my neighbours conifer hedge to the south or the houses to the west. The northern fence gets some sun and things that are fairly tall on that side of the garden.

I've lost plants but I think it was more to do with the wet and me not improving the clay soil sufficiently.

Hopefully someone with more experience can give you some advice.

All I can say is a lot of plants do quite well with only sun from the east, and my garden seems to get going later in the year I assume because of the lack of sun.

Td immunisations...

Posted: Yesterday at 18:42

Crikey, Gina 

Did she clear it?

Coreopsis Limerock Ruby

Posted: Yesterday at 17:15

Mine died last winter- all the fancy ones did

They were in the ground though, clay based, perhaps a bit too wet. 

Td immunisations...

Posted: Yesterday at 15:42

The first one I remember was at 12 when I got bitten by a dog It covered me for the time I got wrapped in barbed wire walking my own dog. Turns out I've had quite a few over the years though.

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