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Anyone addicted?

Posted: Today at 11:48

The forum is addictive - but that's because everyone is nice and there is helpful advice and interesting topics not lots of kool, krazy remarks from 'fun' people like you sometimes get on other forums.

Gardening is the master addiction though I suppose. It's the only hobby I allow myself at present due to expense and I was pacing around and drumming my fingers over winter waiting for signs of life in the garden- I suppose that is a withdrawal symptom

Front Garden Stars

Posted: Today at 11:41
Beaus Mum wrote (see)

Oh no! I'm so sorry  Don't any of the experts on here know how to make it better? 

I was following a thread of someone else who had moved a small tree at the same time and the advice was to cut the branches back by half which I have done. Just waiting now for its leaves to drop or for new shoots

Front Garden Stars

Posted: Today at 09:57

That's nice of you Beaus Mum! It's a little spindle tree that's taking it the worse. I don't know if it's had too much water, not enough or exactly the right amount but it looks like it wants to throw up

what to put here

Posted: Today at 09:53

Hi Rosemummy, I'm don't know about your first question as I'm not familiar with those plants but for the second, Ive been really impressed with some north facing climbers I bought last autumn which might do for your pergola.

I bought clematis Rebecca (maroon, late spring but has a second wave of buds now) clematis alpina (I'm not sure if it had a name but it is a light blue spring flowerer, and rosa veilchenblau (lilac, flowering now) for a north facing fence in my chicken pen. It gets sun from the east but none of the flowers turned, they all faced forward which I liked and better still none climbed through the fence to get the sun from the south which I thought they might.

I'm a climbing plant novice so hopefully others will have suitable ideas

Front Garden Stars

Posted: Today at 09:37

I did dig up alot of plants and leave them in trugs of water but the alliums had to stay of course and the achillea was too tangly.

I've put most of them back in the ground now in a temporary strip of the front garden while I tinker with the rest, probably it'll have to wait til the back end though or I'll lose all my insect flowers.

Front Garden Stars

Posted: Today at 09:01

Is that Mexican fleabane? Did it spread like that or did you put in many plants? Just curious as I bought a sale one a few months back.

My front garden is a terrible mess of piled up slabs and stamped on alliums and achillea as I had some workmen in recently. I've been trying to fix it but everything is either baked into the clay or has a fainting fit once moved


Hedgehog Watch!!!

Posted: Yesterday at 21:23

Perhaps you could experiment with putting it at different heights? I'm not knowledgeable about veg but I suppose it depends what predators you require the netting for...

My next door neighbour went around to the other garden to cut the hog out, she had to use nail scissors it was that bound up. It seemed okay but I suppose another hazard was it not being noticed and dying of thirst or something horrid.

Hedgehog Watch!!!

Posted: Yesterday at 20:27

I've acquired a visiting hog as well as a resident one 

Initially I thought mine had ungratefully moved out but then I saw hog 1 again and realised it was smaller than hog 2. 

I have a ground feeding cage for the birds on my front drive and every morning it's been bashed about and there's pig poo everywhere

I wonder if hog 2 was the one that got stuck in my neighbours veg netting that I put a thread on about recently; that was a sizeable hog. Possibly it was displaced from its original home when it got handed to me since not all the gardens are accessible from each other.

Either way, it lives across the street and bimbles over to mine around ten each night. Like snowathlete mentioned, I'd like to know how small a gap a hedgehog can get through as I'm leaving my side gate open each night.

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Yesterday at 17:43

Hi Jan

Welcome to the forum!

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: Yesterday at 16:30

Love the 'happy mix' artjak and the penstemons, Lyn and Wendy's pic from the other page

I like a packed border with lots of colour - it's like an ornamental meadow.

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