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Best Cauliflower

Posted: 18/10/2017 at 19:16

Looks fab, I like your scales too

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 15/10/2017 at 17:30

Lovely colours Argyranthemum Your pics weren't there when I started typing.

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 15/10/2017 at 17:26

An excellent buy Mark

My garden has been battered by some freaky winds in the past week or so, it's a weedy mess that I can't be bothered with sorting but nothing seems to be damaged.

I sowed these nasturtium seeds as an experiment with the bedding plants hoping for a second show. The snails ate the first show but these are okay. Next year I'm doing nasturtiums followed by later nasturtiums. I never noticed they were scented before today.

Possibly Symphyotrichum Little Carlow, Aster Monch and S. Vasterival. The second names are right anyway They've been flowering for a few weeks, Monch maybe a month or more.

This is a wonderful happy plant. I lost my persicaria plan but I think this is Summerdance. Had it less than a year and it's already huge. Honeybees love it. Please ignore the dead bedding, someone got bored of it

My biggest Invincible pear fell into the border in the past week and today I rescued it and it didn't have a single gnaw mark. The cup's there for scale.

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Vic's Allotment Adventures

Posted: 15/10/2017 at 14:07

Nipped up the lotment today but not for long, an impromptu visit.

Took up some cardboard boxes to layer on top of the weeds I had backfilled two of the trenches with as they were starting to thrive in the cosy damp conditions and I thought they might start re-rooting themselves.

It's kind of weed suppressing I suppose, just not in the usual way as I intend to leave the card layers there and raise the soil level.

Have approached a few local tree surgeons for bark chip because I think that will make an okay first layer. Have also asked for a deciduous tree stump and branches but for the garden not the lotment. The poplar pieces I bought previously have proven both interesting and attractive with the fungi and digging wasps and stuff.

A couple of onions had been uprooted so replanted but they had roots on so that's promising 

Had second thoughts about where to plant a quince and crab apple on the plot. In the Oct magazine it says quinces tolerate wetter soils than apples and pears so I was thinking the quince might be a good candidate for the lowest tree space, when the flooding is sorted of course.

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 15/10/2017 at 12:53

Which one is it Mark?

I have one a similar colour called Zamphir but it has one show of flowers and then after deadheading has just a sprinkle of flowers the rest of the year. I don't feed or water it though...

Credit where it's due!

Posted: 14/10/2017 at 22:21

I hope I do the same Frank


Posted: 14/10/2017 at 20:59

I might have a try of them when I free up some space on the lotment. I don't really like normal tomatoes, find them a bit watery.

I will put that book on my read list Pansyface, got a small pile at the moment. Have to read Genghis Khan by the weekend as have borrowed it too long

gardening apps

Posted: 14/10/2017 at 20:50

Looks good Neil, ideal if you grow a lot of veg

I think it would take a long time to input a full garden of perennials and shrubs though?

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 14/10/2017 at 20:40

Those cosmos are lovely B3, wish mine looked like that.

Is that a coreopsis in your border Mark56, it seems to have been flowering forever unless I'm mixing it up with another garden? 

I haven't been out in the daylight all week but don't think I'm missing anything

Credit where it's due!

Posted: 14/10/2017 at 20:21

Men have refused to walk through doors I was holding open for them on many occasions...they insist you go through first and then you have to squeeze past each other because neither can hold the door properly

I haven't thought of a good way to deal with it yet🤔 It's never happened with a woman or child though, but a couple of times with an ignorant horse.🐴

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