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Too late to prune zephirine drouhin?

Posted: 08/03/2014 at 17:03

Is there something going wrong at the roots? Stuck in heavy wet clay? Or not planted firmly in light soil and being tugged about by the wind. You could try digging the whole rose up very carefully and re-planting working in plenty of compost and some bonemeal which will both help a really good root structure to develop.  Generally if a plant is poor on top, it does have poor roots.  Additionally, if you cut off a piece of rose stem about foot long and push about 2/3 of it into friable soil, with a leaf bud at the base of the stem and perhaps just removing a bit of bark at the bottom, inside 12 months you will have a brand new plant.  I generally find the new plant from a cutting is much stronger and healthier than the original.

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