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Talkback: Slug invasion

Posted: 01/05/2014 at 19:16
I'm afraid that after many years of war on slugs and snails I have finally concluded that a late night walk with a saltcellar is the only answer. No need to be messy - just a second of seasoning works wonders!
Unless you fancy escargot for supper? Alternatively if I am aware that I have a good frog/toad population by my pond I may move a few - not too big - snails to give them a good and easy supper.

Red beetles on lilies

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 19:17

Maybe if you plant more very fragrant blooms you will attract more bees away from the lilies and minimise the chemical damage.

I guess I'm just a garden psychopath because I use a rubber glove and a "squashy welly boot" for snails too.

maybe I should re-name myself granny psycho?

Red beetles on lilies

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 22:30

That excreta - like stuff is actually lily beetle poo. Their defence is to poo and that is very toxic. It makes them very slippy and even slippier when they are on their back ...  More poo!  Very effective lily beetle defence.   I carry a pair of fine nail scissors in my pocket and if I catch sight of one I very quickly snip it in two!   Yes.. I am probably classed as a very nasty old lady  but my bees flourish, my leaves are sharp and my lilies are, for the best part, intact." Go it wrinklies!" xx

Anyone have a garden blackbird?

Posted: 16/03/2014 at 15:35

They've been living together in our garden now for a good couple of years so something is working for them!

They raised 2 broods / possibly 3, last year so maybe the personal hygiene pays off.

Anyone have a garden blackbird?

Posted: 16/03/2014 at 13:52

I Hope you don't mind me joining in but my Mrs blackbird waits in attendance whilst Mr Blackbird has his daily bath in the birdbath. If he gets out before she feels he has "done enough" she shouts at him and bullies him into getting back in for a further dip. Very funny really ..  No doubt who wears the trouser in that nest  Ha ha ha!  

Plants still in flower

Posted: 12/01/2012 at 23:01

Lancashire garden...  I was amazed today to see, in the shelterd garden, that the crocus have flowered !  seemingly  overnight. Their growth over the past 2 days is pheneminal and they are fully formed and beautiful. I also have several azalia in flower, - all be it not in their nornal spring glory, but they should be asleep now .... bless them. Can anyone tell me .... does this mean that they will rest until next year or will the poor little loves struggle to flower all through the spring?

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