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greenhouse advice needed

Posted: Today at 16:54

The staging has not rusted yet.  One unit was left outside last summer.  Can't guarantee anything, but so far so good.

greenhouse advice needed

Posted: Today at 10:24

We bought Omar shelving units from Ikea for the staging:

That cost more than the greenhouse!  But most staging I see for sale is flimsy and expensive.

We are happy with the result.

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greenhouse advice needed

Posted: Today at 10:19

I think I'd rather sit in that greenhouse!

If you have the wall there, why not a lean to?

Sounds like the hubby loves building things, a project awaits!

Having said that, we were going to buy a second hand greenhouse, people are always giving them away on free-cycle etc, then we saw an end of season sale item (the frame) in one of the diy centres for next to nothing.  Glass was surprisingly expensive, but was cheaper to buy and get cut from a glass centre/shop.  Not sure if they could do the toughened glass, and at what sort of price.  Maybe it's worth getting a quote.

I'd be more worried about the kids putting a ball through the greenhouse, or ripping their faces on roses than the glass hurting them.  But it doesn't hurt to be cautious.

greenhouse advice needed

Posted: Today at 00:31

We have a small greenhouse, and it has staging all around. You can really only stand in the middle under the apex, so staging makes sense.  It's a bit tight spaced, we really need somewhere else for small tools, pots and non plant items to make the most out of it.  It could do with a little more ventilation in it than just the door.

When the OT researched, she said that plastic in some ways was better because of light refraction and insulation, though it's not quite as attractive.  Given the space I think I'd have a poly-tunnel!

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Unknown tree in the garden. Help!

Posted: Yesterday at 21:03

The trunk looks more purplish (rowan) than greenish (ash).  Is it just one tree in your photo?  It looks large and I could have been fooled into thinking there were many.

Unknown tree in the garden. Help!

Posted: Yesterday at 20:48

I always thought rowans were suitable for smallish gardens, but a gardener said to me that naturally they want to be large.

This link has both an ash and rowan identification guide:

Unknown tree in the garden. Help!

Posted: Yesterday at 20:42

Perhaps a sense of scale would help, and perhaps a close up shot of the trunk.  I find Ashes are sycamore like in trunk stature, rowans are darker on the trunk, in your picture the trunk looks more rowan like.

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Mouldy sedum

Posted: Yesterday at 20:39

Could it be powdery mildew?

What to plant here

Posted: Yesterday at 20:33

Quite a pretty tree before the limb up.  A couple of evergreens will shoot off the main trunk (Yew and Thuja), but generally that kind of hard pruning is a no no.

Planting something substantial will be difficult due to competition.  I'd be more tempted to clear and start afresh.  If you like the evergreen backdrop Griselinia littoralis or Viburnum tinus could be a replacement.

But perhaps a climber could save it.

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Weeds at the Bottom of trees

Posted: Yesterday at 20:16

Not wanting to hijack the thread, but I have an apple with ground elder under.  I asked a pro gardener if I could use round-up on it, he said maybe but did caution me that apple trees could be fragile, and prefered the idea of me digging it out.

I'm not sure if root systems touch at all, or it poses a risk to health etc.

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