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Clearing overgrown garden

Posted: 11/10/2015 at 17:03

If you've got the space then make a wood pile and composting corner.  You'll find it's easier than trying to get it into a bin.  You don't need to burn unless it's diseased.  Or you really haven't got the space.  You'll get loads of wild life in wood piles etc.

You can raise a garden to the ground in a day, but it can take years to grow plants to maturity.

Shrubs or trees for privacy

Posted: 11/10/2015 at 13:18

Photinia can be a little leggy, whereas the Choisya will be more dense.  I like seeing through (or rather have a light back drop) Photinia to make the most of the red.  A winter flowering Viburnum might provide some winter interest.

Worm soup

Posted: 11/10/2015 at 13:11

@jo47, is that sarcasm?  Is that a yes for the compost bin or a no?

@lyn, I placed three lots of mesh I think to rat proof it, and then placed in some chalk rocks.  Mainly to rat proof it.  But that may have meant no easy escape route down.  However I've gathered rocks with minimum soil into heaps and am always surprised to find worms happily in nooks and crannies.  So they probably could escape if they wanted.

I've always put scrap paper in.  But am a little worried about some types - banana boxes have paper coated with something, I think a pesticide.  That might not be so good.  Amazon wrapping paper has quite an odd smell about it.  I'm clutching at straws really.  There was loads of life followed by death all within a small period.

Are there any other troublesome foods or liquids?  I did poor some old golden syrup in, and possibly some dough mix, but usually I put that kind of thing onto paper and don't think twice about it.


Worm soup

Posted: 10/10/2015 at 21:12

@watery, cheers, I normally throw in scraps of this and that cardboard and paper with no ill effects.  And Amazon have a tendency to send loads of it.  I've pinged them a question about their packaging as it has made me think.

I did read that fax paper was bad.  Which you'll find in till receipts and mini-statements etc.

Clearing overgrown garden

Posted: 10/10/2015 at 19:19

I'm no expert!  But first check your aspect - watch the sun through the day, to try and get an idea of different areas of the garden.  What is hot and what is not.  What is shaded, sheltered etc. That will determine some of your planting, seating and structure.  Look out your windows in the house where would you want to put your prize specimens?  You might or might not want to shade windows with future growth.

If you do have trees in mind, I'd recommend getting them in early, you normally plant them during the dormant season (I think that's Winter: November to March in the UK.)  You'll then have some structure to plant around.  Having said that you don't want a tree in the wrong place, so don't rush in if you are unsure.  You can always hire an opinion.  Or get someone to plan the garden.

There are many books for inspiration, as well as other gardens.  Our garden looks very different in the Winter to the summer, as the leaves fall, and for me I like some winter interest.  You may want some evergreens for privacy etc.

Soil types, and wetness can also determine planting.  I have a chalk garden so some plants and trees are a no-no.  Glance your local area, chances are that if it works there it will work for you.

Shrubs or trees for privacy

Posted: 10/10/2015 at 14:42

@sara5 What are the large trees?

Worm soup

Posted: 10/10/2015 at 14:27

I should have read them trying to escape as a warning sign.  I'm always worried that the bin is too dry.  So perhaps suffocation or something they ate.

Worm soup

Posted: 10/10/2015 at 14:17

@lyn, well I did worry about that.  I can't leave the lid loose for worry of rodents and foxes.  I wish I'd put in some venting now, but hoped that I'd get enough through the cracks around the front door.  I was ecstatic to see so many live worms at the beginning of the week and deeply saddened to find most of them dead this morning.

Has anyone else had the same?

Shrubs or trees for privacy

Posted: 10/10/2015 at 14:05

I've a space at the end of the garden that is quite wild, but also want to add a living boundary.

The sad thing is that I'll loose that perception of space that is currently there, I like looking into untouched woodland.  The more I touch the space the more I want for a raw untouched space!  Nature is a good gardener.

Anyway, I have one side that is semi-shaded, and one that has sun.  The shady side I have planted out with some laurel, holly and I plan to plant evergreen viburnums and hazel.   The sunnier side I'm going to plant some beech, field maple and hypericum.  I'll throw in more viburnums, escallonia (sun), euonymus, and a bay.

I may later regret the laurel when it comes to management.  If I can squeeze them in, I'll add some dogwoods this winter.  Thinking they'll make nice thickets and can be neglected somewhat once taken.

I would also like to add some spiky plants, berberis darwinii, black thorn, and more holly. 

If it's shady and you have patience you could put in yew.  An alternative to laurel could be new zealand privet.  People grow these as hedging (not totally frost tolerant).  But I like them as specimens.

I love shrubs as you can tell, but don't really have the room to let them breath.  A few different ones left to their natural shapes make for a nice display I think.  They are nice rounded, and actually once large would fill an area quite easily.  I saw a wonderful monster escalonia hedge at the weekend.

I garden on chalk.  But am keen to hear other suggestions.


Shooting wildlife for fun

Posted: 10/10/2015 at 12:21

Well the neighbours moved on, and are probably now doing the same somewhere else.

It was very upsetting at the time.  As I said our household are big wildlife fans, and try and nurture a little nature in the space we have.

When I say it met with deaf ears, I firstly approached the neighbours (not about the wildlife shooting, but rather that I felt unsafe and uncomfortable in my garden while it was happening.  The ricochets had passed near to me on a few occasions).  This was met with annoyance and later followed by a lightweight apology.  But the behaviour continued if not worsened.  And it had a marked effect on our enjoyment and peace within the garden.

I'd expect some errant behaviour from children but these were not children or teenagers and their entire household was aware of the shooting and appeared to condone it.

I raised the issue with their landlord who didn't appear to act on it, or wasn't that bothered.  If there had been more neighbourly support I may have felt comfortable raising it as a police matter.  At the time I think it would have inflamed matters and relationships that were already strained and at breaking point.

I know many people shoot responsibly and get that you can have fun with target practice.  I was particularly saddened to see someone targeting crows.  My original post was me trying to grasp the law with regard to shooting at wildlife.


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