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Yew bare root planting, autumn of spring?

Posted: 19/09/2017 at 20:43

When is the best time to plant bare root yew?

I read before that March is good... 

Any preference, reason for either?

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Hedging patience

Posted: 13/09/2017 at 13:12

Just a quick note to say the hedging is established now.

I better get a photo before leaf drop.  The pears went in at about a foot tall which is hard to imagine now.


And my thoughts flip/flop regularly on this.  Sometimes I like them, sometimes I wish I hadn't bothered.

Many of the young plants had strange shapes, and I should have probably not bothered with the weird ugly ones.

I have yet to prune the hedge, because I have been waiting for it to all get to about 1.5m and then top the lot.  And not quite sure what to do, because it's all over the place.  And I started thinking that to heck with it, I should just let it go.

The shape of the wild pear is odd, it's kind of like a candelabra.  Some I can see have branched nicely.  And I can see they'd make very interesting specimens.  It's kind of a shame they are lost to the hedge.

The gate opening area in the hedge has flummoxed me, as the thought of stabbing my eye out on a wild pear isn't that appealing.

In the summer with lots of growth, it's all good.  Come winter I lust for evergreen.

Rows of the same thing now really bothers me I've decided.  I think I prefer the chaos of difference.   I should have just planted 5 different shrubs and a tree.

We live and learn.

Can I graft Field Maple onto Sycamore rootstock

Posted: 02/09/2017 at 14:40

It's just that I have loads of opportunist hedgerow sycamores, that I want to uproot, but I wouldn't if they were field maples.  Which I'd happily utilise as hedging.  I really like field maple.  It's a case of trying to tap into an established stock.

Note: I am a complete amateur!

Can I graft Field Maple onto Sycamore rootstock

Posted: 02/09/2017 at 14:37

Or rather: grafting acer campestre onto acer pseudoplatanus

Can I graft Field Maple onto Sycamore rootstock

Posted: 02/09/2017 at 14:19

I've loads of self seeding sycamores.  And there are a couple of monsters near by that try their best to scatter little ones everywhere.

And they thrive.

But I don't want them, I'm all fed up with Sycamore.

However, I do love field maple, so could I make use of existing rootstock, and just graft on the field maple?

Would this work and would it be worth it?

Or perhaps I could graft another ornamental on top of it.


Exposed aggregate steps

Posted: 02/08/2017 at 12:19

Hi, I've a vertical garden, and currently have sleepers and rebar for steps.  This works well.  Some need refreshing and I have another couple of flights to build.

Anyhow, it seems wood is expensive, even reclaimed sleepers.  And I'm now thinking that pouring/making some concrete slabs, same size as the sleepers (probably 2feet long) might make for a suitable alternative.  And I think it will also work out cheaper.

I have a couple of questions though.   I'm wanting exposed aggregate for better grip.  I'd had a previous flight of steps that had used cobbles that were a nightmare in the rain.  And although pea gravel is cheapish, it gives a bit of a boring finish.  So I'm looking to probably use basalt.  Basalt I read is sustainable (less transportation), and it does not get mossy.  But I've also read that it can be slippy as lime stone is.

I'm not sure if I'll need to reinforce the concrete either.  I'm hoping to make the steps chunky, but not too huge - probably will need a couple of people to move them.  But I figure the mass, and support rebar will keep them in place.

Plus if anyone ever wants to do away with them, they can be lifted out rather than have something concreted in.

I can also plant between them, which is appealing.

Any tips or recommended mixes would be appreciated.  Is a 20mm stone too large?  Should I stick with 10mm.  Do I need retardants to remove the top layer?  Are these and other run-offs hazardous to the surrounding plants?

Horticultural grit

Posted: 15/07/2017 at 14:16

Mind you I just read this: http://www.framlinghamfisheries.co.uk/chalk.html which implies chalk can be good for fisheries.

Horticultural grit

Posted: 15/07/2017 at 14:14

Not sure the definition of grit, but if the small stones are dis-solvable  - like chalk - then I guess you could have a problem.

Uprights at Abbotsbury

Posted: 12/07/2017 at 14:46

Asking as some seeds fell on my head, and I thought I might have a go at sprouting them. 

The tall three look like they've outgrown the space, it's hard to see the tops.

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Uprights at Abbotsbury

Posted: 12/07/2017 at 14:43

Yes seems not many people photograph them because they are so tall.

Perhaps this is a better shot:


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