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Posted: 22/06/2017 at 23:38

I must learn how to sharpen my tools.  I've an old (ancient) and new pair of hedge shears.  The old ones come apart, and I've had a little joy sharpening them.  And they are a great to use.  All the modern entry level tools I have, have been complete and utter garbage.  The £5 Lidl tools look superficially as good as other £20 nasties.  And my loppers and secateurs blunt pretty quickly.

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Cut back leylandi hedge

Posted: 22/06/2017 at 17:43

A bamboo screen will shade out regrowth, and it will likely look the worse for it.

Privet may be a little common, but it really is great stuff.  But if you really don't like, I'd swap it out for another evergreen.  At least privet is semi-evergreen, and gives privacy.

Privet will take quite a beating, so fastening something to it won't be a death knell.

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How to get rid of a disused swimming pool

Posted: 25/04/2017 at 22:33

Polytunnel over the top.

starting a new garden

Posted: 25/04/2017 at 13:16

Good advice about working the soil piecemeal.  I wonder what KevT was asking?  About soil improvement, planting or both?  I wonder how he got on?

Not so black and white

Posted: 25/04/2017 at 13:05

Despite my efforts to hold them back with various bits of clutter, they broke the defenses and scored the ultimate honey-pot.  They broke into the compost bin.  Must have been worm abandon!

I think now that it's in part because it has been so dry.  The soil is so hard they must be struggling to feed.  Where I water is about the only place left where there is loose mulch/soil.

I really hope it rains hard soon (southeast uk).  I don't think we've had a good pour in weeks.


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Not so black and white

Posted: 25/04/2017 at 04:56

While out for a walk yesterday I caught one lolloping along before sunset.  They are goading me. :)

Not so black and white

Posted: 25/04/2017 at 04:53

@Welshonion, I read that badger hibernation is a myth.  They are less active during winter but not true hibernators.


It's interesting that setts can be hundreds of years old!  I hope they stay there.

Not so black and white

Posted: 24/04/2017 at 22:14

@Berghill what do you think is the trick with the bottles?  Why do badgers dislike them?

when should I prune Buddleia ?

Posted: 24/04/2017 at 21:30

I haven't quite hit upon the right thing to do with them.  I have some small ones that have responded well to being cut right back.  But the trees have lost a lot of their charm.  I didn't risk moving my white one, but instead am growing on from seed.  Not sure what colour I'll get as I have a dark purple close by.  My white one I've gotten into the habit of cutting right back around April.

I remember on Gardeners world that Monty cuts back a little later (after all frost), for late flowers in the summer.  I'm sure I've cut back after May, but there's good growth about now.  I'm amazed at how much my infant has grown over the last few weeks.

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Photinia leaf drop

Posted: 24/04/2017 at 21:23

Different strokes: different folks!  I love the spike of red in spring.  But they can look ratty.  Four or so planted about six feet apart can look quite nice.  Ubiquity can diminish some of the charm of a plant.  And even uniformity.  Many can occasionally look worse.  I think I rather variety.  You can have more than one of the same plant in different situations for interest.

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