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Moth, myth or mithuss?

Posted: Today at 00:35

Tomato moths eat tomatoes!


Posted: Yesterday at 13:55

Exactly!  It does not form a threat.  The danger of anything with 'asbestos' in the name is ramped up by anybody who wants to charge a fortune to remove a material which is unlikely to be a threat to anybody.

I appreciate asbestos lagging etc is very dangerous stuff;  but I doubt we are talking about that.

Raised beds and buying worms!

Posted: Yesterday at 13:49

I have never lined the bottom of my raised beds; in my experience the soil does not wash out.

But, we all have different experiences, so try it and see.


Posted: Yesterday at 01:17

Are you sure you are talking about asbestos or asbestos cement products?  They are not the same.

Raised beds and buying worms!

Posted: Yesterday at 01:11

The most recent of our raised beds were lined with damp-proof course plastic.  Seems effective.  Don't line the bases.

We didn't buy worms.  The worms you can buy are not the right sort of worms.  We put all stray earthworms into the beds.

Tomatoes not ripening

Posted: 25/08/2016 at 12:01

We have had the rottenest summer you could imagine here in West Wales, but we have despite that had soft fruit and tomatoes ripening in their time.  

Tomatoes that ripen off the plant never develop their true potential flavour.  Discuss!

Tomatoes not ripening

Posted: 25/08/2016 at 00:19

Odd isn't it; some people seem to think removing leaves is good for the poor old tomato plant.  WHY?

No other plant gets this brutal treatment.  If the leaves are green, the plant still needs them.

Leather Jackets

Posted: 22/08/2016 at 11:11

It really is important to keep waterbutts closely covered at all times otherwise they are a breeding-ground for all sorts of nasties.

Often the real damage to lawns is done by the rooks and starlings digging up the leatherjackets.

Issue with my tomatoes

Posted: 19/08/2016 at 17:14

Start by removing all the dead branches.  There are a lot there.  

Issue with my tomatoes

Posted: 18/08/2016 at 00:07

Looks like a bit of blight there.  It's getting a bit late now to be encouraging more flowers and fruit.  Usually at this time of year, August, I remove the flowers as they won't make it to maturity.

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