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deliberate or not

Posted: 17/02/2015 at 12:39
Unless you saw him doing something, your only remedy is to re-plant.

I'm sorry but in my view planting Leylandii is almost an aggressive act unless you really do intend to look after them.

churned up lawns from heavy useage

Posted: 17/02/2015 at 00:11
Can you not buy the roll-up slatted wood they sell specifically for the problem you describe?

beware wisteria attacks white clothes!

Posted: 17/02/2015 at 00:07
How did the sap get on your laundry?

Plants to edge a bed to scare cats off

Posted: 14/02/2015 at 23:02
High powered water pistol or hose. Cats hate getting wet.


Posted: 14/02/2015 at 22:54
Sounds awful to me. Like the difference between a ready meal and home cooked with fresh ingredients. How difficult is it to find a decent site selling bulbs and make your own choice?


Posted: 14/02/2015 at 11:52
If you put it in the compost straight away, you will spread moss everywhere you put compost. You can put it in rubble sacks or old compost bags until it is completely, completely dead and then use the resultant soil in the garden.

All depends what kind of moss it is. We have it on paths and the drive. When it dries out the blackbirds rake through it for worms.

Pricey blooms on St Valentine's day

Posted: 14/02/2015 at 11:46
Lovely, Yes and No. Pretty but expensive and most of them have no perfume.

Daffodil bunch from shop

Posted: 14/02/2015 at 00:27
It's just a different variety that got among the others.

Hedgehog or rats

Posted: 12/02/2015 at 00:54
Edd, sorry, but that looks a bit small for rat poo; or maybe they are baby rats.

If anybody catches a rat in a trap and they don't intend to kill it, what are they going to do with it next??

Wood post in concrete

Posted: 12/02/2015 at 00:49
If you decide to start again you can get metal cradles to hold wooden posts off the ground to stop them rotting. Or you can use Metaposts.

But your current method sounds good enough if you have used pressure treated timber, buried it deep enough and you are willing to apply wood treatment regularly.

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