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Planting out Sweet Peas

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 16:24

Hi everyone, I spent today building my trellis for my sweet pea. had fun experimenting with different shapes and designs, all a bit 'rough' but hopefully will do the job our garden is quite close to the sea so wind is often a feature, have chosen most sheltered spots and went crazy with twine & string to keep them together My sweet pea are now planted out and hopefully will enjoy their new home! wind was dreadfully cold today, lets hope the hardening off for past few weeks has done the job

Help with shaded area

Posted: 15/03/2014 at 21:32
Dave Morgan wrote (see)


Try this link, a specialist for shade loving plants. There is another good guide on the RHS website. Have fun choosing, plenty there.


what a brilliant thread and great advice, I have a shady area behind one of my apple trees and along my hedge in side garden.

Small tree stump in ground

Posted: 15/03/2014 at 21:26

I have the same issue. I have 4 small stumps in flowerbeds along my front fence, we have tried various methods to remove them).  I love the idea of stumperies!

Clay soil

Posted: 15/03/2014 at 21:09

 here is a picture of it after a good dig today (arms are aching) but it is a start!

Clay soil

Posted: 15/03/2014 at 13:39

Thank you everyone so very much and sorry for delay in replying. I am out , as we speak, sorting it out, based on all of your advice. nice to see summer coming along again soon x

Clay soil

Posted: 21/09/2013 at 16:20
Hi I would love advice please about what to plant in the flower beds that are on each side of my path. The soil is heavy clay and I'd like both sides of the path , which leads to my front door, to look pretty all year around. I have been tempted to remove a foots depth and replace with good soil but not keen on the expense. Same with building raised beds on top. It is quite a large area of flower beds ( the path is about 20foot long with these clay filled boarders up each side). Any ideas folks? Xx Wendy

Hardening off flower seedlings in plastic greenhouse

Posted: 02/04/2013 at 17:07
nodlisab wrote (see)

Why do they need pricking out when they are already growing in individual cells ?


Hi there. I have never pricked out (unless I have accidently dropped more than one seed per cell and i prick out to give room). i leave them in their individual cells, i even harden them in there too, only time I transplant is when they are going to their final destination to display. so far never had a prob x

Hardening off flower seedlings in plastic greenhouse

Posted: 31/03/2013 at 17:14

Thankyou VERY much everyone, I really appreciate your time and replies. I have over 100 seed trays(I know..blame it on letting of stress from work)..and am terrified to kill them all. I have 3 walk in greenhouses , all unheated and it has been soo cold here at nights (I live coastal area Northern Ireland) .

Ok so i will let them get alot bigger before i let them stay out over night. When they fill the cell (Thankyou Punkdoc) .


happy Easter all xxx




seed germination

Posted: 31/03/2013 at 12:02

HI  I sow flower seeds indoors.In my dining room (my family love me lol)

I have afew plastic greenhouses but going to use them for hardening off as it is so cold still. 

I have recently successfully germinated flower seedlings Pansys, Aubrietia, cosmos,Petunia,sweet william,coleus,Dahlia,Livingstone Daisy,Antirrhinum, and alot more using trays and plastic covering .

In my south facing dining room. I was terrified at first that they wouldnt germinate but they did and I am delighted.

I am sowing veg seeds outsside in unheated plastic greenhouse, a case of fingers crossed as it is so cold.

I also made seed trays out of everything I could find remembering to put drainage holes in them all. I cant afford to buy heat mats etc so i kept it basic.


 Best of luck xxx

Hardening off flower seedlings in plastic greenhouse

Posted: 31/03/2013 at 11:47
sotongeoff wrote (see)

You need to prick these out first-then you harden them off-new seedlings are tender creatures- any shock will killl them

 Hi Sotongeoff, hope I have quoted you properly, sorry I am a newbie to this forum

thankyou for your reply I muast ask you.. I usually keep them in seedtrays( cell trays like in my photo) and some are sown in pots, actually anything I can get my hands on...(just because I ran out of seed trays) and then when they have spent ages in greenhouse and are hardened off properly..I transfere them to their final home in a display pot or boarder, I use individual cell trays so they are not over crowded...I have only ever pricked out if the plant needs more room...eek so i have just been very lucky then...

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