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Olive tree growth help

Posted: 11/04/2017 at 07:33


I have an olive tree which I have been growing un-pruned for around 2 years now. I have pretty much left it to its own devices. 

Id like to try and get it more 'bushier' and bigger, but not sure how. I have read about pinching back some of the shoots but where do I pinch and how many?

Thanks for any help. 


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Bindweed control

Posted: 28/01/2017 at 18:47


hoping soneone can offer some advice on bindweed. we have a lot of it that runs down the fence in our front garden of a flat we have just bought. My girlfriend actually quite likes the flowers and I don't find them too offensive plus it Offers quite a bit of privacy from a private road that runs alongside it. We just want to get in under control and stop it wrapping itself around the flowers on our garden side of the fence. 

everything looks dead at the minute so I have started to trim it back - hopefully this was the right thing to do! Some pictures below. 

Thanks in advance for help. 

Olive tree growing problems

Posted: 25/04/2015 at 20:48

Ok thanks!

Olive tree growing problems

Posted: 25/04/2015 at 19:54

Well that's ok then! Thanks for the reply.

I drilled holes in the bottom of the pot so it can drain and have been watering daily.

will be sure to wrap it up in the winter!

Olive tree growing problems

Posted: 25/04/2015 at 19:31

Hi all,

Hoping you will be able to give me some guidance, not that experienced in gardens but certainly trying!

I got given an olive tree for Christmas which I planted shortly after. I read what soil to use etc but haven't seen much, if any, growth?

The pot got smashed during a windy night one and when replanting I noticed that the roots don't seem to of developed very much. when replanting I tried to break the compacted soil and roots up in the hope that they would take in new soil but that was a month ago and still not much development.

What am I doing wrong?



Rented property - new to gardening

Posted: 24/02/2013 at 23:28

Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions! I will give them all some thought and come up with a design plan for review! Good to know I can trim that bay tree though!

Thanks everyone

Rented property - new to gardening

Posted: 24/02/2013 at 17:17


I have recently moved to rented accomodation (hopefully long term rent) where I have a garden....well...sort of.....it is a patio with two flower pots (two old sinks) and 3 flower bed's with a patio in the centre.

I have been waiting for the weather to get a bit better to start work on it (landlord doesn't mind) and today was the day. I've attached some pictures of it and the work completed today but would like some advice about how best to get it to work for me. I would like to grow my own vegetables and herbs with some flowers. 

There are three yucca plants which are irritating as hell but think I will need to keep them. What can I plant around everything? Some help on identifiying some of the other plants would be great too.

Sorry for all the questions - first time gardener here!


My work today


Annoying tree


Dead bramles/tree


Any help, much appreciated.

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