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Posted: Today at 05:29

Morning all...

Frost here but Metcheck mentions no snow

Off to salt mines I go, have a lovely weekend for those who do mon-fri shifts

Oh, and buy yourselves something nice


Posted: Yesterday at 13:03

News travels fast in France? Must be something to do with grapevines!


Okay, home, warm, Spag Bol tonight and early to bed for bakery tomorrow but but Sunday off this week because I'm covering midweek shifts

I bought dried puppy milk at the pet store but it was quiet expensive at £6.95  I guess when I've used all that up I'll find a cheaper alternative. It's only treat milk!!!

warm in the sun here, bits of cloud, no snow


Posted: Yesterday at 07:57

Just read the article and whilst most of the listed items were known to us, Flynn's daily morning milk is now off the menu. I will see if pet stores do any milk substitute as it's a favourite treat for him


Posted: Yesterday at 07:50

Gosh poisonous grapes!

Thanks for that very important  information pansyface 


Posted: Yesterday at 07:48

Talking of shrubs punkdoc, last time we had snow I tied up my phormium to keep it together but I'm not sure this time, it's awfully big


Posted: Yesterday at 05:36

bekkie, my last dog was a Labrador who didn't eat anything fruit, veg or sweet. But he did wolf down left overs roast dinner if it was going.

Now Flynn eats everything except oranges, even grapes, nuts and bird food

I wish you well with the dog on steroids, I know I would find it difficult to hear him whining for food. Perhaps his stomach will get used to less soon?

Morning all..

Light sprinkling of snow here but you can still see the ground and's Cornwall Verdun?


Posted: 29/01/2015 at 20:04

Yeah good luck for the move! Not the best time of year to do it but at least you are moving somewhere you want to be

Took Flynn out earlier and discovered a light dusting of something vaguely resembling snow. It was like glitter with the torch and only on the borders and coldframes but not even full coverage. It's a clear night here though, so you never know


Posted: 29/01/2015 at 15:18

No snow here. No rain here. No gales here. No sun here.

Flynn demanded to run off some steam otherwise I wouldn't have done any gardening today as I'm a bit pooped. So, while he hared around the place, I safely disposed of a random pile of unwanted glass and debris, oh and my little patio trellis fell down when I leant on it, so had to clear it all away and try and root prune an overgrown Accanthus Mollis next to the patio.

Now when I say root prune, I do of course mean, digging a deep trench patio side, sifting all the soil for bits of root and aiming to destroy anything that spurts new leaves in the coming months.

So I now have a large pile of dirt overflowing on my patio, 1 bag of leaves for my compost and 1 bag of roots for council bin. At least I can improve the soil in the future and see if my experiment warrants expanding the trench all the way round the plant to keep it in check. I do regularly pull out seedlings anyone who has this plant will understand it's incredible tenure in our gardens but well, I did say it was experimental. and I had to do something in the garden, so eager to plant but the forecast is sleet, maybe worse.


Posted: 29/01/2015 at 07:12

Morning bekkie and Fritillary. No need to apologise dear or explain yourself. There was no offence taken, just lots of warm regards.

It's a wonderfully supportive and kind forum with many members meeting in real life, such as Chicky and Dove yesterday, how lovely for you both.

Well done to the team that won their match and made punkdoc a happy man (can you tell I don't watch the game?)

and crossing fingers for Clari's hedgehog, although if he does wander back he's in very good hands

Wet and windy this morning, or what I can see from under my duvet. I have muffins



Posted: 28/01/2015 at 18:21

P.S punkdoc, you have my permission to buy yourself a new greenhouse

There we go... everyone is happy

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