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Clematis cartmanii Avalanche

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 23:38

Mine has just a few flowers this year also 

Salvias...what am i doing wrong?

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 00:25

Don't know if slugs and snails are a problem in your garden?  Salvias get gnarly woody bases from which new shoots appear quite early, mine pop up about March unprotected but I know that slugs and snails will be on them straight away, the tiny buds are snack size and tasty 

I've used pellets previous years,  this year it's been every cold rainy evening from March onwards, and my Salvias are loving me for it 

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 26/04/2016 at 18:30

Stunning David, come on you iris 

Rock n rolling BL. Fabulous corner by the steps, you lucky thing 

VS, I'm not and never have been a daffa but I adore tulips and I also know what is waiting to explode in your garden  can't wait to see this year 

gorgeous pots everyone, I'm bogged down with work here,  luckily it's mostly done 

Enjoy your gardens everyone 

Red hot pokers

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 00:07

Yes.  Don't over water for a bit 

A couple of ' proper ' clematis

Posted: 23/04/2016 at 11:01

Oh dear, you just created a must have list!

Anyone done any gardening today - Version 2

Posted: 21/04/2016 at 18:41

I used to flatly refuse corporate get togethers, and never got slapped for it  my argument was always time better spent elsewhere 

time spent in the garden got most of my underplaying achieved beneath monster phormium 

started arranging potted plants out in the last areas cleared. Still umming and aRRing a lot but I've got plenty of time to decide. Potted up all my rescue plants left laying around this past week or two , well I've never much subscribed to the emergency dying plant BS when neglected plants refuse to die in protest or else I just grow stubborn species 

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 19/04/2016 at 22:34

Yes David, Iris ARE my favourite!  Gorgeous 

Fairy! What is happening in your beautiful garden? ? 

Before and (nearly) after

Posted: 19/04/2016 at 00:00

You should be proud DD 

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 18/04/2016 at 23:59

My geums Tangerine something have been in continuous and unstoppable flower all winter 

Anyone done any gardening today - Version 2

Posted: 18/04/2016 at 21:06

The monster Phormium had a haircut 

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