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Posted: 23/01/2015 at 20:07

I'll be off to the salt mines for the weekend so have fun without me!

I hope everyone gets at least a few fine hours of sun or dry or thaw, maybe some happy memory with those you love most and at least one new flower peeking up in their garden wishing it was spring.


Posted: 23/01/2015 at 16:12

Fabulous BL! What a lovely upgrade

Are you brave enough?

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 15:23

Too many years I hated the garden path that ran through my garden rooms so predictably, weaving through the middle.OH and I discussed for a couple of years but money was too tight for major landscaping, but then finances got better and I got digging across the middle garden to make a large border. OH laid a lovely step that led into a passage connecting to the bottom gardens.

It was hard work, a fair bit of money but absolutely the best design change I ever made to my garden.

Always go with your gut feeling if you can afford to


Posted: 23/01/2015 at 12:54

Oh wow thanks Dove


Posted: 23/01/2015 at 12:23

Just back from a plant-hunt at the local safari.

Didn't see any dandy lions but I got some more P.L.A.N.T.S

Gosh, I'm so happy to be developing my borders and finding new and exciting additions for my garden. On today's list was an awfully large Elaeagnus ebbingei for much needed height and leaf colour in one of my borders. It was so big the taxi man could hardly get it in the car!

I also found the most amazing Trachelospermum jasminoides *star of Toscane* for desperately needed leaf support alongside my climbing roses, that look barren at the height of summer because of blackspot as well as losing their leaves in winter. For some reason all my climbers barring one Clematis are deciduous, and the leaf colour on this Jasmine is beautiful at this time of the year, I could admire it all day long

Third purchase was a macropetala Clematis because I love them and I want something to support a beautiful climbing yellow rose. so this one is called *Wesselton* and promises to be nodding blue bells

Happy happy happy!

The Great British Garden Revival

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 07:26

I love lilies and grew them successfully in pots until I decided to try them in the ground and the beetle arrived!

Not sure if there was a connection, I think I am just naturally more attentive to pot grown plants.

In frustration, I binned the lot at the end of that season two yrs ago but now OH wants lilies in pots again after watching this program (which I say is in association with local garden centres because its a bit like one long advert). 

So...I will probably be tempted back to please OH but they will stay on the patio in pots!


Posted: 23/01/2015 at 06:15

Morning Dove, Dumbbell and all

Harder to get out of bed today...last day of my holiday

Intended to get a lot of work done and I guess I have most of it completed, mostly spring cleaning and decorating. Not all jobs ticked off but there's always another occasion. ROLL ON spring!!

Frosty outside but I remained snug in bed


Posted: 22/01/2015 at 17:28

Perki, your gargoyle is absolutely fantastic. What a talent and with snow!! 


Posted: 22/01/2015 at 11:07

Just finished emergency shift at the salt mines as other miners called in sick

Putting my feet up for a bit then the usual stuff to do. Nothing very exciting. wet and nippy here but no frost


Posted: 21/01/2015 at 11:02

I hope you weren't bra-less for three weeks BL

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