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Posted: 13/02/2015 at 08:04

I noticed the bird song this morning Chicky. Flynn was up at 4.30 so I left OH sleeping. He works so hard and most evenings as well on business projects so it was the least I could do.

It's our anniversary today. 27 years married. 28 together. Can't believe I'm actually broadcasting this since I'm a pragmatic girl at heart and we don't really celebrate this occasion or B days too much except as our morning greeting with hugs.

Christmas is different because its about family. Truth be told, I never planned on getting married or having any off spring then I met him and I knew straight away that I would be with him forever. I agreed on the certificate to give my boys the same last name but it was a struggle getting me inside the registry office. I cancelled the big wedding a few weeks before due to stress and we got married on the spur of the moment (in a February heat wave if anyone remembers that) with a few days in Cornwall

I've never worn a ring and never regretted my decision although since I did all that for him, he's been paying me back ever since

Changing the subject...spotted the tips of some tulips coming thought in their pots and one very keen allium in a border. Can't wait!!!!


Posted: 12/02/2015 at 18:26

What lovely snowdrops Panda! Really going to be gorgeous when they bulk up

 And that rose is beautiful Yvie, actually that reminds me of a question to ask our most knowledgeable. ..can I take hardwood rose cuttings now? I'd really like to reproduce my roses for free

I've had a wee tipple this evening, I don't often indulge but I do like my Pimms in a pint glass and very very strong. Fruitilious!

So...I am reading what everyone's up to but phft then I forget


Posted: 12/02/2015 at 14:38

Gosh I'm yawning my head off here. 

Yvie well done mate. That's a lot of things accomplished today plus the future roses and thanks for the bike trailer idea, I might just look into that although I can hear OH complaining about my safety on the roads so hmm, we will see.

I keep asking him to buy me an old lady's shopping trolley for GC visits because I always buy too much and resent the expense of a taxi home. It's a tenner back from the proper GC!!! And not so far to walk that I can't do it on foot

Serving OH scampi now and chicken breast for me with some garden programs thrown in, he found the Christine Walkden series for me on YouTube  yesterday and that's saying sommik as he really hates listening to her


Posted: 12/02/2015 at 11:59

I have one of those bikes with the shopping basket on the front and yes I could do with panniers for the back or another basket. I don't know how I get stuff home sometimes myself, just count it as extra gym


Posted: 12/02/2015 at 11:37

I know that feeling well Panda!

Made a resolution to learn this year, in the mean time my purchases get carried home on foot. Today I had a basket full of shopping/plant food and 6 Wilko trellis balanced on my bike. it was not a fun time, plus my gym bag broke recently, so my gym gear was on my shoulder in one of those cloth shopping bags. Need to get to the local designer centre soon and get myself a new backpack, I get more home that way

Hello everyone, I'm home now

Panda and Dove, enjoy your day. Didn't fool me at all


Posted: 12/02/2015 at 06:15

Yes bekkie! Far more successful in my book. Only ever had two... maybe three Clematis cuttings actually take. But Verdun will know for sure

Edd. I understand you now. Fully and completely. We share something similar in that I came from a broken home and T.O.T.A.L.L.Y get that aspect of your past and how it influences your moral code and your decisions now.

I too agree with your ethics on marriage. My 27th wedding anniversary is this Friday, (it was a freak accident it happened next to Valentine's day) and I try so hard to tell these young girls that marriage has nothing to do with the wedding day and everything to do with thereafter. The ups. The downs. The s**t times when you just want to leave...when you NEED space.

I've always followed my heart over my head and it's worked for me 100%. I was very lucky that I found the perfect person for me, and he has been perfect on many many occasions because I'm the needy one who needs the things life doesn't always provide for us: Space when we really need it; Solutions to unsolvable problems; Answers that lead to closure; Strength to say no; Luck!

Well, I've said enough. It's not my business, just know that half of what you do will be forgiven and forgotten and the other half will be absorbed by those who care. We can't always control what end of the stick they get


Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 11/02/2015 at 16:19

Doh @ Fidget.

 I think it was seven plants I got in their new places today. 3 shield ferns, 3 Saxifrage London Pride, 2 Cowslips, 1 Pyracantha and a partridge in a...I mean and a Eleagnus.

Oops that 9 plus the Geranium Johnson's Blue...okay, a perfect score of 10 today


Posted: 11/02/2015 at 15:08

I remember rice pudding with nutmeg, and skin on top!

I put nutmeg in my mash quiet often. Lovely


Posted: 11/02/2015 at 14:18

Thanks for sharing those purchases Lesley K I'm not jealous at all

Been a busy bee in the garden today even though my original intention was just to wander round a bit for some PPP inspiration.

It all started because I had to move a wall trained Pyracantha over a bit, then I discovered some sneaky bindweed that I prefer to dig out if I can. Well it was going right through a large clump of Geranium, so that had to come out and a fern and once I'd begun, I just went for it. Moved three shield ferns into a tighter unit under my big Acer tree since I took my hosta out in Autumn after it suffered from drought. Figure ferns won't want for much there. I tell you something though, those things come with enormous rootballs. I couldn't shake hardly any loose dirt off and had to roll them along the ground to get them in position.

Also got some saxifraga x urbium London Pride in the ground that's been sitting on a plastic sheet all winter so that entire area is nicely finished with the Cowslips I planted the other week.

Then I had some space in the border to arrange a few new purchases. I'm after height but also evergreen at the back of the border and ofc something lush for shade, so that's my Eleagnus and new Fatzia sorted (thanks for those shade suggestions a couple of weeks ago) Also, three Box balls for the front at the path and yes I know the blight thingy is a current concern, but but but...those lovely perfect formal shapes I can't help myself.

Anyways, I'm really happy. Can tick off another couple of things from my To-Do List

I only have 1,764 things left to plant



Posted: 11/02/2015 at 08:26

@punkddoc. YAY...for the seedlings.

Joining me on the PPP step is an added bonus

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