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Posted: 19/01/2015 at 06:57

Actually it is a hard frost here,  

OH took Flynn out this morning and told me it was frosty and when I peered out the back it didn't seem that bad, but upon inspection out the front window shows a heavy one. 

Stay safe on the roads y'all


Posted: 19/01/2015 at 06:48

Not too bad here in Kent, or at least my patch. Frosty but not hard.

Tender plants shivering under fleece in the cold frames...aaah well, spring has to be on its way when Australia lets us have our sunshine back

Morning all


Posted: 18/01/2015 at 17:43

no idea about that bekkie hughes sorry and sorry to hear about your disruption Yvie

Amazing planting combo going on there Verdun, are you for hire? and when I say hire, I mean free?

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 18/01/2015 at 17:36

Wow, stunning view there Buttercupdays,

I've been researching today, main shady bed in middle garden needs major improvements


Posted: 18/01/2015 at 12:44

Hi everyone...

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will take them into consideration with the whole scheme.

OH has already told me I can buy a larger specimen for the back of the border which is great and since I had to go to the pet store to buy little Flynn a rainproof coat (so he doesn't get too wet in the garden with me come rain or shine) I popped over the road to my DIY centre with attached garden section and purchased three box balls

I bought smaller ones last year to start off the process of growing them into balls for structure but I really need some maturity to this border so the inevitable happened. But OH said it was okay so you lot will forgive my cheating right?


Posted: 18/01/2015 at 05:49

Morning all!

Long day yesterday, coffee with my brother who I haven't actually seen for more years than I care to say

We spoke ALOT about gardens since he's a horticulturalist by trade...haha and I showed him my January plot when I got a lift home. It's not looking much at the moment but January is for planning right? 

I'm half-way through my planning...anyone got a height suggestion for north-facing corner, heavy shade, dry soil? Ideally, I'd like a dicksonia Antarctica but you know ow much a big one would cost...


Posted: 17/01/2015 at 08:18

bacon butty for me if you don't mind Fritillary


Posted: 17/01/2015 at 06:44

Hey I met my going-to-bed self with my waking self

Morning folks!

Very happy today, meeting my brother later for coffee and generally still dreaming of the perfect garden


Posted: 16/01/2015 at 22:15

Jolly cold here now, everything is freezing up. Clear sky with every star shining to remind me of how very small and insignificant I really am

nn all. Sleep safe and warm


Posted: 16/01/2015 at 18:35

Getting nippy here in Kent too. Wrapped up all my plants just to keep the brrrrr off those that say hardy on the label but end up being borderline

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