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Garden Gallery 2013

Posted: 07/04/2013 at 16:48

Gorgeous pics everyone!

No private club

Posted: 07/04/2013 at 05:21

I'm one of those who didn't get an invite and I've never posted in the original Forkers Thread because I believe in the saying...all bad things start with good intentions.

I have no objection to the thread or its active members and don't want to suggest any wrongness about it but, well, it had the potential to be cliquey from the onset. I steer a wide path around cliques because its great when you're in one...

I't really not my intention to stir, just trying to support the goodness that this community holds.

Its a free world and we are all adults, but lately its been a bit of a playground on here. 


WEATHER this week

Posted: 06/04/2013 at 15:47

OMG! The weather today has been incredible here in sunny Kent.

Okay, it's not balmy temps, but the most beautiful spring day for getting out in the garden and catching up on all those jobs that didn't get done in the last four weeks of sub-zero temps.

I've been moving shrubs, planting perennials, improving soil, potting on and tying in and loving every minute.

Hip hip hooray

Spring sweethearts

Posted: 05/04/2013 at 15:35

Your Tulips are well ahead of mine! I reckon another two weeks wait here in Kent and we're supposed to be the soft end of the UK  

WEATHER this week

Posted: 04/04/2013 at 11:22

Im a why-child so I had to look up the reason why Spring was so late coming...apparently its because of global warming.

Greenland was having a warm spell that acted like a stone in a stream or in this case the Alantic Ocean, stopping or diverting the warm weather that normally rises from the south and causing cold air flows from the north and east.

Why I never buy online

Posted: 29/03/2013 at 23:26

I got my Sisyrinchium from ebay last year, eight actual plants when only five had been promised.

Not only were they lovingly wrapped and posted, but grew into a sizable clump waiting for division just one year later.

I was thrilled with this experience, BUT, on the whole, I don't use the Internet for plants for all the reasons above. I like to see it with my own eyes, smell it, touch it, judge its form and habit, note the exact -exact- shade of flower and foliage, none of which can be done to my standards in the virtual world.

The internet has its uses but I will always prefer the hands on shopping experience 

Garden Gallery 2013

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 23:09

So much character and interest in your garden Figrat, always a pleasure to know it better

Success and Failures ...

Posted: 27/03/2013 at 18:01

Heleniums are a ridiculous fail in my garden even though I mulch heavily, I guess my soil is just too light and starved. I generally stay away from bog plants as I know they won't cope but you know I have this itty-bitty inner voice that says, Prairie plant? Yeah...of course open grassland is sun-baked dust bowl that mimics your garden exactly.



pampass grass

Posted: 27/03/2013 at 14:10

I had a monster Pampas Grass die on me last year and removed it with a mattock. It grows outwards so over time, the centre rots down, giving me fifteen years of composted material after removal.

The roots are not that deep but very matted, so a bit of wellie is essential.


Our NGS Open Day 2013

Posted: 26/03/2013 at 21:05

Good luck with that, your garden is worth it!

But please do let us know how the day goes, last year I asked several times about when and how it went but I guess you missed the threads.

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