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covering the gardenbbbb

Posted: Today at 20:25

Unless you have a specific reason, uncover.

I also  find that fleece draped over flowers to protect them from frost can have just the effect you don't want. They get wet, the wet freezes and where they touch the plant, it dies!!!!!


Posted: Today at 20:22

Hi Verd, Eleagnus was all the rage about 20/30 years ago. I am well rid of this one although there is a suspicion of honey fungus which may be confirmed tomorrow. 

Not sure of conifer types as labels may be long gone, but will have a look. This corner is now much improved.

Fragrant tree

Posted: Today at 20:18

Some smelly ( nice ) plants include Daphne Bolua, Honeysuckles, pinks, roses, viburnams, privet. Not sure about trees but some of these are quite large shrubs.

Splitting Dahlias

Posted: Today at 20:13

If you split a tuber each part needs a growing point to grow next year. As you can't see these at this time it's best to wait until buds break in spring. Otherwise go down the cuttings route, again next spring. Concentrate on effective storage for now. Winter losses are your main threat.

Tree ID

Posted: Today at 20:07

Is it Pyrus Chanticleer? It's popular with councils.


Posted: Today at 19:57

Sorry for being Awol (again) but stuff taking up diary including Hortsoc AGM ( chairman again): shop preparations for Christmas, recipe book launched on Wednesday: and all the normal distractions.

Cut back dead (probably,) eleagnus and replaced it with 1 large and 2 conifers. This between 2 other conifers so this is now called....wait for it...conifer corner... simples.

Braised some mutton from village shepherd with leeks and cream etc. N. Slater, naturally. Enough for about 3 days.

Now on fairly serious diet, since friend has gone to Spain to live on Juice for a week!! Must win that one, competitive mischief or what?

hugs to all as we approach Crimble.

No Leaves on Hornbeam

Posted: 15/11/2014 at 10:07

Hi legoboy, have you scratched your hornbeams recently?

Pittosporum from seed

Posted: 15/11/2014 at 09:45

Thanks Nut, sound as ever. Not sure which variety GG, but the word " tenufolium" is nagging me from the depths of my mind ( about an inch and a half if you must know). I don't tend to keep labels for a variety of reasons, so I lose track of the details.

To describe it , it is now a large upright bush, about 7 or 8 feet tall with small mid green leaves. the seeds are in capsules about the size of a  pea ( the capsule that is) and the seeds are in a very sticky goo.

The branches are great for the foliage effect in flower arrangements.


Posted: 15/11/2014 at 09:02

Misty here, but not gardening anyway, as going to a friend's 60th followed by Carmina Buriana concert in which other villagers are singing.... oooh they are such a talented lot. Off to deliver Kew plant stuff tomorrow. 

Dove, I did enjoy your intervention. Personally I try to avoid giving any money to Mr. Murdoch. 

Pittosporum from seed

Posted: 14/11/2014 at 12:51

Has anyone propagated Pittosporum from seed. I have seeds on my plants this year. Some websites say it is simple, others involve "boiling Kettles" and 75 deg. F. !!!

Practical advice would be much appreciated.

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