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Hellebore advice

Posted: 25/03/2013 at 18:13

A good way of buying them economically is to get them as the garden centres/nurseries think about taking them off the shelves as they have finished flowering. They may lower the price to get rid, or you could haggle over price since why would they want the bother of looking after them for another 9 months when you would pay to take them home?? Only downside for you is a short wait.

Best and worst

Posted: 25/03/2013 at 17:55

Best jobs are the creative ones involving planting out something new in anticipation of brilliant results, especially if the hard work of preparing the ground was done on an earlier day.

Worst is cutting back Pyracanthas..they tear me and my clothes to pieces. I usually throw the clothes away afterwards, and go and lick my wounds.

Fork Handles

Posted: 25/03/2013 at 17:30

I am happy as I found a tray of bluebell plants in local nursery for my woodland garden section...Can't garden but can get good stuff for when I can.

Show tickets

Posted: 25/03/2013 at 17:25

You can go to the 2 Malvern shows (Spring and Summer) and pay on the day. Although these are smaller than the other RHS shows they are my favourites, since the best nurseries attend them and persuade you to part with loads of dosh. I buy my summer plants at the one and my spring bulbs at "tother. Not sure about Hampton Court and have never been to Tatton. A phone call to the booking line should answer your Qn.


Posted: 25/03/2013 at 17:18

I don't have a sqirrel problem, thankfully, but I do plant bulbs in pots, mostly Tulips and usually no more than 2 nice contrasting colours, lots of them, and as deep as you would in the garden.I got the idea from watching Carol Klein do it in her garden. The more pots you can do the better, but  I don't go for lots of varieties as the mass of one or two colours, all out at the same time is stunning. This year i am growing Abbu Hassan...one I have always looked for and found at Malvern last Autumn Show. I can't wait.

I am afraid that I don't find the second year worth bothering with and if I do try to get them to reflower I have no great expectations. It is partly down to my lack of skill and partly down to the habit of tulips. I prefer to start afresh each year and enjoy the excitement of finding a new variety or two to try.

what decade is your garden?

Posted: 25/03/2013 at 17:06

I am definitely not of the  "Groundforce" generation, not a square inch of decking in site. I get a peverse pleasure from being out of date and letting my garden come back into fashion. I never stopped growing Dahlias and now, after a period of relative loneliness, everyone is copying me!!

Apart from that my garden cannot easily be dated...I am old enough to have a bit of every decade. I also think that the contemporary look of many modern gardens, whilst nice to look at, would be so boring to live with...how on earth could you change something, dig up a part of it for a new bed, introduce something new etc. ?...it would lose the design integrity and look a mess, in no time at all. A hoidge podge of a garden is easy to evolve as you go.

box plants

Posted: 25/03/2013 at 16:54

I have a trick to improve your supply of hedging plants at almost no long term cost. Every time I trim my box hedge I put a lot of the clippings as  cuttings in a pot of potting compost,water it, place a plastic bag over it for a couple of months in the shade.(just strip off the bottom leaves and shuv in the compost) These invariably root.The following Spring separate and pot on individually. This way you always have a supply of plants to use, give away or sell at the annual plant show in your village. I now have a succession of plants of increasing size should I need to replace some or start a new hedge. These little plants are such tough little b......, it is difficult to go wrong Simple!!

Difficult Navigation

Posted: 25/03/2013 at 16:39

There are so many different threads and these are increasing all the time and it is getting more and more difficult to find your way around. The one you are looking for could be buried deep within hundreds of pages and thousands of posts. Now that posts are not available on one's own site, this is spoiling what could be more satisfying. 

finding my threads

Posted: 25/03/2013 at 16:35

My threads have disappeared, and I have no record of the many posts I have made. Can any one help please?

Storing Dahlia Tubers

Posted: 24/03/2013 at 23:20

I have grown about 100-120 dahlias for the last 10 years. I lift mine after the first frost. Soil is fairly light so I don't have to dry them out specifically. I keep them in cardboard boxes, without any peat or anything else. I put the boxes in a stable/shed and cover them with fleece and hessian. I lose a few, but not very many, with this process and i top up with a few choice new ones in the spring. In mid April I pot up individually, water, and keep outside. If risk of frost I pop them in the garage overnight, then back outside again. Plant in mid May, as am in southern England. The bed I use has Daffodils in it also, so I have a continuous display of daffs , then dahlias for months. The dahlias are planted on top of the daffs which I don't lift.

I am gradually changing the colour combinations, recently purchasing in your face colours...mauves, orange, red etc...and more and more single flowers to give the bees a chance to enjoy them too. I have also planted up a few larger pots with say 4 of a single variety for impact. These stay in the pots and can be moved around the garden to good effect.

Hope this helps...a worthy plant well worth the effort.

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