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Posted: 31/10/2014 at 22:58

I think you can repot it in the same pot tucking the roots in again. They don't mind a bit of crowding. You are a few years away from needing a larger pot. But you must find someone to help you move it under cover before the first frosts. It looks like  a half/hardy/tender one from here.

Beautiful plant by the way, and a good white collection.

If you do repot try a square one which will withstand your northern winds better. A taller pot would be problematic?


Posted: 31/10/2014 at 19:31

I have some Hebes by my front door, south facing and dryish. Also a couple in a bed. All seem to do well if you neglect them. I am in the south of England which may help? 


Posted: 31/10/2014 at 19:26

The RHS page on Agapanthus gives some good advice, very much confirming the above. Also some indications of names for evergreen and deciduous.

How warm is it with you today?

Posted: 31/10/2014 at 14:49

high enough to hear  my grass growing....but I love it and don't want it to end, as it surely must.


Posted: 31/10/2014 at 14:45

same here......


Posted: 31/10/2014 at 13:32

All mine are in pots, deciduous and evergreen. If you are not sure which is which at this time the deciduous ones have narrow leaves, and the evergreen ones are  much thicker. 

The evergreen ones are kept in a cold greenhouse over winter, before the first frosts, and come out again in spring. Precisely when depends on the weather in your area but again don't risk frosts. Keep the compost slightly moist at most.

The deciduous ones are left until the leaves die down, and removed, and then I put a bin liner over the pot to keep the rain out and give a little bit of protection. This comes off in say late Feb/early March, and you don't have to worry overmuch about frosts ( they are hardy!) This seems to work for me in the deep south.

If in doubt and you have room take all of them under cover.

I have never removed any from their pots, leaving them until they get so congested the flower power diminishes, which will take several years. I have some on their final warning. Incidentally mine seed into the gravel they sit on so I have babies to bring on for future plantings. they are very easy to tease up and pot.


Posted: 31/10/2014 at 08:31

I thought of having a fun 2-seater to enjoy, until ,that is, I saw the depth of the potholes around here.


Posted: 31/10/2014 at 08:12

Good luck with your open gardens application DDamsel... it certainly focuses the mind, and muscles


Posted: 30/10/2014 at 22:59

I made a lot of new friends here when I needed it most. I don't see cliques, but I do see people seeking something, sometimes gardening advice, sometimes other things.


Posted: 29/10/2014 at 22:55

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