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Woodgreen wonderboy

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Posted: 01/07/2014 at 11:30

Good luck Clari.......

Can I move a foxglove now ?

Posted: 30/06/2014 at 22:12

At least we have our memories...


Posted: 30/06/2014 at 22:10

Woodgreen is indeed  a very lovely village... not over chocolate boxy, nor a dormitory for weekenders, but a real lived-in community. I may have said before we built our own Community Shop, have a lovely village hall with it's unique wall painted murals, done in the 1930s showing actual villagers and events of the time. If you google woodgreenvillage. news, or woodgreen shop, or hall you will get a flavour of what we are about. For example one villager runs a garden party each year, for charity, and she calls it "the never again party" This year 4 to 500 people tuned up!!!!! Also the shop employs 14 local staff, plus lots of volunteers and a has a management committee of various skills. 

All of this within the boundary of the New Forest, at the northern end which is much the prettiest, but which the visitors seem to overlook. I could go on but....


Posted: 30/06/2014 at 21:44

My Man, Alan, admits to not knowing a weed from a flower, so he never risks messing with my plants. However he does an amazing amount of work in the time we have together and I get full value. I don't think I could manage without him now. This year's growth has been phenomenal compared to last year when everything was slow and late.


Can I move a foxglove now ?

Posted: 30/06/2014 at 21:29

Just an interesting story about foxgloves. I live in the New Forest and a few years ago a local wood had a lot of the tree canopy removed. One result was the most fantastic display of pink Foxgloves. If I said there was a carpet of them 50 yards wide and about half a mile long I don't think I would be exaggerating. Their must have been thousands. The seeds must have been dormant for years and the increase in springtime light levels woke them up. It only happened for a few years and now the display is no more, again.


Posted: 30/06/2014 at 21:15

Sorry to butt in after going walkabout again, but Gardengirl nudged my elbow again and I realised that I have been very remiss!. Lots happening here as usual. Annual Hortsoc coach trip, to Waterperry near Oxford was a huge success. We sold all but 2 of the seats on a 53 seater.( Last year's coach was half empty.) I set the price at £20 including garden entry and still made a profit of about £250, so the committee are happy. If you haven't been to Waterperry it's a must. One of the best gardens for me, in my top 3 definitely.

Now getting ready for the Annual Flower show which, for those who may be nearby, will be at 1400 on 19th. July in Woodgreen Village Hall. Schedule is out and need to decide what I may enter. Also obviously also involved in the organisation of the event.

Village shop is doing well, and we are producing a recipe book of villager's family recipes, the older the better and hopefully with a story to go with it. Also producing next year's calendar which is based on people and events/activities in the village.

Quite a lot going forward in my garden. I now have help with the big heavy duty jobs, so lots of hedging and ditching going on. Village gardens will be open again next year so have my long term planning hat on. Also am having a terrace built across the bottom of my garden, where it backs onto my paddock. Great for Pimms and BBQs. I have been collecting some antique looking containers for my alpines, which I will be growing outside, with my greenhouse being used for normal propagation etc, and less of an Alpine House. Still learning after all this time!!

Spent the day rescuing plants from where the terrace will be, before they are destroyed by the works. Dug up several heleanthiums ( did I do right to cut them back hard as I potted them?), and Irises which I will either replant elsewhere or save for next year's plant sale.

Am very impressed by your 19000 posts, and may not read all I have missed. LOL. So please forgive any ignorance of your threads and discussions.

Lovely to be back.


Posted: 30/06/2014 at 20:43

I think they self sow more readily than when I collect seed and try to cultivate them myself. Lots easier too, and I get enough newbies each year for my needs and some to give away.

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: 30/06/2014 at 20:40

My roses seem to be very happy this year, perhaps due to copious rainfall and no cold weather to check their growth. This goes both for those I pruned much harder than usual, and those I never got around to pruning at all. The latter are going to get a right going over when their main flush is over soon which will enable me to remodel the beds they are in. A bit unconventional but that's how it must be!! and then

Posted: 23/05/2014 at 16:26

If I was offered a Gold medal garden for free I would say "No thank you". How quickly would you get bored with a fixed design which you would tamper with at your peril. The same , day after day after day etc, with no room for your own ideas. No real gardening evermore, just  outdoor housekeeping.

I am considering significant changes to my garden of 14 years development. Not possible with an ossified Chelsea design.

Talkback: How to prune and propagate dogwoods

Posted: 21/05/2014 at 20:58

It's grown for it's stem colour in winter. Whilst some dogwoods have stunning flowers, this one's flowers may be insignificant.

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