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Woodgreen wonderboy

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Posted: 02/07/2014 at 06:39

Morning all, and especially fellow Gregory Porter fan, Dove . Any more  of you in the woodwork?

What a lovely day, hope to sort out an herbaceous border which is very weedy. Lost an Astec Pearl Choiysia at one end so planting opportunity beckons.

Have a good one all......


Posted: 01/07/2014 at 23:12

Before i go to Hampton Court i have a trip to a jazz festival at Glynde Place in Sussex. On way there we  are going to see the gardens at West Dean, near Chichester. Have any of you been there and did you enjoy it?

Also our jazzy venture is to hear Gregory Porter especially. Have any of you heard him sing? If not try to find him on the web and have a listen.


Posted: 01/07/2014 at 20:17

Hey, did you see this thread just burst through the 20k barrier!! Cakes and ale all round... it's on me.


Posted: 01/07/2014 at 20:15

 If anyone wants to volunteer to work in my garden I will definitely nominate them for an award. 


Posted: 01/07/2014 at 20:13

Hi Yviestevie.. welcome, I am going to Hampton court with a new friend, and we have somewhere to stay the night before so will probably visit Wizzers on the way there . I like to have a full english in the Tiltyard Restaurant. Very good and sets you up for the day. It opens at 8 o'clock  I believe, and the show doesn't start until 10, so there is time for breakfast and a walk around the Palace gardens which are quite good, in parts.


Posted: 01/07/2014 at 17:50

Hello Gg , good news on volunteering, you have my vote....had some of my broad beans raw in the garden today. Love them.


Posted: 01/07/2014 at 11:30

Good luck Clari.......

Can I move a foxglove now ?

Posted: 30/06/2014 at 22:12

At least we have our memories...


Posted: 30/06/2014 at 22:10

Woodgreen is indeed  a very lovely village... not over chocolate boxy, nor a dormitory for weekenders, but a real lived-in community. I may have said before we built our own Community Shop, have a lovely village hall with it's unique wall painted murals, done in the 1930s showing actual villagers and events of the time. If you google woodgreenvillage. news, or woodgreen shop, or hall you will get a flavour of what we are about. For example one villager runs a garden party each year, for charity, and she calls it "the never again party" This year 4 to 500 people tuned up!!!!! Also the shop employs 14 local staff, plus lots of volunteers and a has a management committee of various skills. 

All of this within the boundary of the New Forest, at the northern end which is much the prettiest, but which the visitors seem to overlook. I could go on but....


Posted: 30/06/2014 at 21:44

My Man, Alan, admits to not knowing a weed from a flower, so he never risks messing with my plants. However he does an amazing amount of work in the time we have together and I get full value. I don't think I could manage without him now. This year's growth has been phenomenal compared to last year when everything was slow and late.


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