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Please help identify :)

Posted: 15/06/2013 at 16:11

Thank you lots It is such a beautiful plant. Any ideas on what the best time would be to start collecting the seed pods?


Please help identify :)

Posted: 15/06/2013 at 16:07


Hello from a massive plant and gardening newbie here

Last year my friend gave me this plant saying it was from her own Bleeding Heart stock that was growing ever so well in her garden. I took it home and sadly didn't see much growth from it last year and was disapointed when I thought it had died when it withered back. The start of spring gave this plant, which happens to be my favourite, a massive push and it just started to grow, spread and bloom in a matter of weeks. It's still blooming and growing more now and I wish I could put it into the ground to see how much more it could grow but due to living in a Army Quarter I cannot.

Today I noticed that it started to produce seed pods and instantly went online to see when the best time would be to start collecting them so I could sow them and plant more next year. Now I was completely stumped after typing Bleeding Heart into google to find my plant looked nothing like the plants online. I decided to do a lot of research and came across the Aquilegias. My plant looks quite a but like this type, the foliage and flowers look the same, but is this right? Please could someone confirm for me so I can learn more about my favourite plant or give me the proper type and put me on the right tracks

Thank you for reading


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Please help identify :)

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