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Infection on rose leaves

Posted: Today at 00:05

Dave - thanks for that.  Today (Sunday) quite a few leaves on all the stems have also turned like those above.  It's only it's 2nd year (though I wouldn't know how long it had been in the centre where I bought it) and I've been worrying that it hasn't got off to a great start with me.   I'll think positive though that a few weeks will see it looking perkier.  Many thanks.

Chelsea photos 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 23:28

All of these photos are a great insight to Chelsea at human view level.  The detail on the planting has been beautifully captured by you all and it's a treat to see your chosen 'extras' so very well recorded.  A real joy to see these and as punkdoc says, it is wonderful to look at leisure, away from the tv coverage which always rushes on and is limited in viewing angles.  Liri - do you do professional photography or something connected?  I don't want to pry - but looks to me as if you have a natural talent for composition and perspective.  Sorry if that sounds a bit cheeky. 

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 23:12

Yviestevie - fantastic Thalictrum.  I have Elin which is only in bud just now and it's only it's 3rd year.  That iris Cimeron Strip is absolutely beautiful.  How long did it take for it to produce these flowers for you?  My soil seems to kill off irises in their 2nd year never to be seen again - but your photo is tempting me to try again.

Is this the nymph of this beauty?

Posted: Yesterday at 23:02

Wow!  I had no idea a dragonfly nymph looked like your first pic.  (I need to scrutinise Attenborough programmes I think to catch up on these things).  Brilliant to see these Gillian 53.

Camera Talk

Posted: Yesterday at 22:56

yGreat views again Fairygirl.  I admire your stamina.  I'd be on my knees these days pulling myself up with your 'reeds' and would be fair game for a careless mis-step and broken ankle on the way down!  Fabulous to see these scenes.

Liri - I'm amazed at these stones when you see someone placing them.  I've seen small examples of this art or skill but never seen anyone in the midst of 'doing' them.  I'd love to see that sometime.

My adventuring was only in the garden today being amazed at the humble dandelion.  Our natural world is so resilient but I do wish that globally our governments would ensure we could become better caretakers for the future.

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Infection on rose leaves

Posted: Yesterday at 03:10

Munstead Wood in a tub.  Transplanted it week before last from crowded garden bed in John Innes No. 3,  handfull of granular rose feed gently dug in around base, watered in and mulched with farmyard or horse manure, I forget which.

Took a couple of days to perk up after putting it in the tub.  All fine for another few days then today I have a couple of leaves as in the photo.

Does this look like a leaf scorch or some nasty disease?  Not sure what to do and will be so disappointed if it spreads and rose doesn't recover.  All advice welcome.  Thank you.

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Camera Talk

Posted: 27/05/2016 at 21:51

David K - the night shot above was exposure 30 seconds to get the red light trail of a car going past.  Aperture was F/16 so that the street lights would give me the starry effect.  ISO was 100.  And yes, tripod absolutely necessary.

I have quite shaky hands even for normal shots handheld these days so I'm trying to discipline myself to use a tripod more often.  But, I never remember what I've learned and I get more 'snaps' than shots to be honest.  Early days with a DSLR and I'm finding it tricky.  But it's like gardening, very therapeutic and you can often try everything again and again. 

Clematis - can I prune now to stop growth?

Posted: 27/05/2016 at 15:11

Hah - green-fingered finch - my record with clematis is NOT good!  My latest exploits are pictured on another thread today - I think it was Garden photos 2016 or something - so  you will see I have disasters as well.  It's probably luck that the one I mentioned above didn't go into shock and is looking good now!

I should have consulted Richard on the others I think.  Yes, I'm learning that my clems in pots aren't the best idea - though I know people who seem to have great success with them in pots.  I just need to learn much more - which is why this forum is so valuable.  It's great to learn of others experiences and also to know that we can all mess up sometimes and just have a go again.

My flowers ..

Posted: 27/05/2016 at 15:06

aym 280 absolutely love those California poppies.  So bright and cheery.  They're lovely plants.  I had some last year but sowed them far too late and whilst some flowered the plants flopped down all the time and never stood up.  I probably didn't have enough other foliage around to give them support.  It's lovely to see them in your garden.

Anyone done any gardening today - Version 2

Posted: 27/05/2016 at 14:58

Been drizzling pretty much nonstop since last night but lovely patterns of raindrops on some plants - and the resin frogs look happy!!

Gardener has given up the ghost for the day though!

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