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Plant ID and bug info

Posted: 08/06/2015 at 11:43

This is the bud today with the sticky stuff all over it and now on the leaves.


So here I am with my peony again a year on from these posts last year and I'm wondering if the buds are actually going to open this year.  Last year they didn't.  They swelled - and didn't open - and there was the business with the bug around all the time.

This year, I have more buds - the excitement last year was that the peony had survived being moved as a couple of root cuttings from a neighbour digging up the peony and throwing it out.  It's back to early June again, I have 7 buds this year but they are still tight and not opening.  The very stem which the bug played with for days last year had the first bud to appear - and now the bud is secreting a sticky stuff covering the entire bud and one of the leaves below the bud.

This is peony paranoia as the buds didn't reach flowering stage last year.  If I remember I think it rained for weeks and there was no sunshine - but I can't remember.  I'm worried that the buds are going to stay tight closed again or if I ought to just wait - or if the sticky stuff comes from the peony itself or a bug has chosen it to covet for itself and it's the bug producing the sticky stuff.

I need someone to go 'LOL this is normal, this is what peony buds do'!  But maybe they don't.  All the neighbourhood peonies have been blooming for weeks but I thought as mine is just a root uplifted year before last, that it may not successfully get to blooming until it's matured?  But would be great to know if it looks as if I have bug problems which stop the buds flowering.  I was wondering whether to gently wipe off the goo with a damp cloth and soapy water.

Any advice anyone?


Identify Shrubs

Posted: 08/06/2015 at 11:19

Yes it is Piping Widow.  Best thing to do is add some photos to your messages here by clicking on the little green tree symbol and uploading then saving photos which will then appear in your message. Sometimes best to load just one or three photos at a time.    That way everyone on this forum can have a look and identify what they can for you.  Everyone loves the challenge and I'm sure you will get the answers you need.


Plant suggestions for my front garden

Posted: 07/06/2015 at 15:16

Oh yes Eric's Mum.  The Bowles Mauve is so reliable and blooms all year.

What are you planting in your pots and containers?

Posted: 07/06/2015 at 15:11

Wow!  What a fantastic range of containers.  Gardening is the business.  Beats everything else. 


Posted: 07/06/2015 at 15:01

That's fabulous Edd!


Posted: 06/06/2015 at 01:23

I had to replace the plastic covers for my cheap little three-tier greenhouses and have found loads of uses for the old torn plastic covers.

I had a bay tree and a ceonothus which were leaning over due to years of strong winds.  I cut strips of the plastic greenhouse cover, roll them up and place them round the stems of the shrubs like a kind belt.  I then twist garden wire around the ends of the plastic to keep in attached to the tree and then attach the wire to the iron fence posts and over a period of time I've tightened the wire and re attached it to the post so it straightens the trunks a little at a time until they are upright.

I use the rest of the plastic to make little rainy day cloches attached to sticks to protect my saxifrages which hate wet in their middles - or to make little hoods for opening peonies with air holes in them.

I put a sheet of the plastic cover on the ground when I'm uprooting plants and pull it around to the area to replant them.  I also use it to pile weeds on, wrap it around them and use it as a carrier to take weeds to the my garden waste bin.

I clean them by dipping them in soapy water in the bath, shower the soap off with the shower head and hang them on the washing line to dry off.

I also use cut off sections of the plastic covers to wrap around the stems of prickly plants like roses to hold the stems still if I'm pruning.  I use them as miniature poly tunnels after sowing seeds into borders.

I keep finding uses for these quite tough old plastic covers rather than ever throwing them out.

Years ago I bought a dozen of those cheap wire little edging fences about 6" high that you just stick in the ground.  They looked terrible as edging.  I use them to keep cats off seed beds just by sticking a few in the ground at odd angles all over seed beds.  The cats can't get in between them and they don't interfere with seeds coming up.  Because they can be bent I use them around plants when they are in the early stages of growing or when I get fed up of the space taken up by oriental poppy leaves I put them under the leaves to hold them up so that I can plant young plugs around the poppies as they are going back and the leaves don't get in the way taking up too much space.  I also put them flat with sticks attached at either end and use them as plant supports as they have plenty holes to support the plants.  They can also be bent and attached to bird poles with garden wire to stop cats trying to climb the poles.  Also, if little sections of my willow trellis get weathered and fall apart, I cover the broken section with one of the edging sections tied to the fence behind the trellis with garden wire.

You can tell I'm a cheap meanie!

Plant suggestions for my front garden

Posted: 06/06/2015 at 00:41

I'd be tempted to get rid of the hebes.  What about a  Pieris 'Forest Flame' - evergreen, gorgeous red new leaves in Spring with lily of the valley type flowers to follow as the leaves slowly pale to a salmon colour and then bright green.  Changes all year round.  Can be a show-stopper.  When I bought mine several years ago, the literature said best in part-shade.  But, the one in full-sun has always bloomed brilliantly with the one in part-shade very short on flowers and effect.  Maybe a good hardy subtle coloured fuchsia would be interesting.

If you have a good shrub nursery nearby it would be worth going to have a look-see and get some advice.  There are so many gorgeous shrubs with year round interest which would really go well and contrast with your hydrangeas and ceanothus.  You could get some nice ground cover plants as well.

Lovely wall.  An exciting challenge for you.

2m x 7m Path to nowhere

Posted: 06/06/2015 at 00:22

I'm having trouble visualising the space JBD.  Any chance you could post a photo?

Bamboo leaves turning yellow

Posted: 06/06/2015 at 00:16

Colehill I have 2 'Great Wall' which I moved three years ago.  They were about 7ft tall and took up a couple of foot space at the base.  When I moved them I poured three buckets of water on each and then the same a few days later.  They greened up and were gorgeous in about two to three weeks.  Not saying I did the right thing - but they came back beautifully.

What are you planting in your pots and containers?

Posted: 05/06/2015 at 23:44

I'm having to put a lot in pots or odd containers this year due to neighbours trees having grown so much that a larger part of this small garden is now in more shade this year than in past years.  The beds are crammed with perennials so I managed to also get some old wooden wine crate type boxes to plant sunflowers, geums and wildflowers in.  They're slatted boxes so I've lined them with empty plastic compost bags.  I'm going simple with the tiny pots this year and probably a big sickly putting single bright plants into small blue glazed pots.

I'm having a love affair for small traditional plants, just for the colour.


These are Diascia 'Apple Blossom (Imp) on the left.  Middle is Nemesia 'Berry White'.  The begonia is 'Peardrops' - I have a couple in hanging baskets as well as I'm told they trail well.


I have a tiny little gravelly herb patch but I put herbs in a couple of small tin baths.  This one has two of the citrus scented geraniums, rosemary in the middle, pineapple mint middle front and I've stuck in a couple of trailing lobelia just to fill and give a change of colour.


I've had to put my scabious in pots this year - perhaps stupidly I've put them in a couple of tall pots - but it's so that I can stick them in the borders amongst perennials which will go back by mid summer - so they are gap fillers to give a tiny bit of height in amongst what's there already.


I just bought this so haven't decided where to put it yet - I loved the colour on the label so I'm still thinking about making up a pot with this in.  Maybe with a grass of some kind.

I have to put a lot in pots.  I have about 30 of them this year because of the shade problem so I need to be able to move them around the garden as summer prolongs (or when it starts here in Scotland).  I have a lot of Dianthus and Pinks in the pots.  I've gone mad for Diascia as a filler this year so have a red dianthus with Diascia 'Strawberry'.  They're such lovely delicate little things which will fill out well.  I also have the Alan Titchmarsh pinks - hadn't realised they grew so very tall - in pots just with trailing lobelia in with them.  And I have Arctic white on their own in pots.  I like to have all the scented little pots near my bench at the back door which is in dappled shade.

Not very imaginative or arty my pots, but I'm getting all gooey over little delicate flowers and scent this year.  I'm determined this year to have some success with Scarlet Flax - I always end up with them drowned in rain and falling over.  So I have a little tin bath full of wildflower mix and scarlet flax, and terracotta pots with Scarlet Flax, cornflowers, Emilia Irish Poet, poppies.  It's been such a dull year so far weather-ways that I think I'm trying to overcompensate with colour!  Dark glasses will likely be needed by August!  But I will be very happy.

My really big pots have different grasses, pelargoniums I put in pots on their own maybe with a few petunia trailers, trailing verbena.  All pretty standard things I think.  It's about as creative as I get.










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