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Schizostylis coccinea (crimson Kaffir Lily)

Posted: 15/04/2017 at 11:02

I've been dividing Schizostylis coccinea.  One plant divided easily into three which I have transplanted to bulk up one small area for autumn flowering.

I'm wondering what to do with the foliage just now.  Does it get chopped down and come again by end of summer into autumn - or do I leave the plants looking scrappy as they are?  Not sure even if I should be removing the dried out leaves.
I've only divided one plant so far.  More to do.

Can anyone give me some advice?

PS It was blowing a gale when I too this photo yesterday which is why they are all leaning to the right.

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Camera Talk

Posted: 28/09/2016 at 23:42

Sheps - I'm a few days behind.  Your Hoverfly pics are brilliant.  I've been photographing loads of them all summer but nothing as good as yours.  The clarify, focus is amazing.  Can I ask what kit you used?  I'm using a Canon 70D with 100mm lens but I'm not getting anything like the quality you have in those fly pics.  I'm still experimenting with my settings though but pretty much a disaster by comparison with yours.  Would love to hear how you got those great shots.  Thanks.

Insects, Bugs, beasties

Posted: 28/09/2016 at 23:30

Dear Everyone - sorry it's taken me so long to get back here to respond.  Thanks so much for the identification.  Sheps - your photo is terrific!  I'm struggling with a newish (this year) DSLR and even with a macro lens I really can't get nice 'flat' photos of tiny things like I used to on my little bridge camera.  So great to see your photo. 

The are fascinating moths.  The detail of their 'plumage' is amazing - the hairs on the underside of the wings.  I've spent much of the summer trying to get photographs of tiny garden beasties and have been amazed at the colours and detail and even the tiny things only just a few mm in size which I would never have noticed had I not become obsessed with photography.  So many things which I had often not bothered to look at which I had thought were just tiny bits of plant debris on a leaf which turned out to be a bug or insect of some kind.  It's a whole new world when you look closely.

This little thing - a hopper? maybe - was only about 3mm.  I'm not good enough to get great focus on these things yet so it's not the best example.  But my new hobby is seeking out tiny things and I really enjoy it.  Some things look so menacing though, with scary looking body parts that I've stopped casually passing my hand over leaves of plants these days without looking closely first!  Had quite a few squeemish reactions to seeing some things close up.

Insects, Bugs, beasties

Posted: 15/09/2016 at 09:56

I'd like to ask more about garden bugs, insects especially if anyone out there studies them and could do some identifying for me or tell me what they're doing when I've tried to photograph them.  Am wondering if there is a dedicated thread elsewhere or if I should continue to use this one?  Thank you everyone.

Insects, Bugs, beasties

Posted: 15/09/2016 at 09:52

Hi everyone - had a chaotic summer and not been able to check in to the forum for a long time.

Garden has looked passable all summer but have had huge losses probably due to having dug in manure all over in early Spring.  Was from a specialist garden firm who provide great home-made products - but I'm thinking the only difference this year is I dug in this horse and other manure and things have gone a bit awry.    The compost I used for pots this year was from a DIY store and hasn't been very good at all.

However - main event in the garden this year has been a massive - and I mean massive - influx of new bugs, beasties, insects, aphids.  No plant has been pristine even for a week.  It's been interesting from a macro photography viewpoint but it's been one ugly garden when you look closely at plants.

There have been a huge number of beasties I've never seen in this garden before and on looking up a little picture book - I seem to have beasties here in the north (Edinburgh) which the book says are not generally found here.  Maybe global warming?

This thing I've photographed is new to this garden, but may be a very very common thing elsewhere.  It's appeared this week and clings for hours on the Schizostylis.  I'm not a good enough photographer to get a really sharp picture - it's a very very thin beastie and I couldn't get an all-round focus - especially in the breeze.

Can anyone tell me what it is?  The wing span outstretched is about 2 cm. 

Flower identities

Posted: 15/09/2016 at 09:27

Your pink potentilla looks very much like one I loved but didn't flourish in my garden called Miss Willmot (not sure of the spelling).  They're lovely.

Name this plant please?

Posted: 15/09/2016 at 09:01

John473 - I have one around the same size as yours - been in the ground 6 years and only produced its first flowers last year - and not many flowers.  So I'm hoping this winter will see increased blooms.

Overwintering Morning Glory and Tropaeolum

Posted: 15/09/2016 at 08:58

Hi JudyN - my (presumably bog-standard) Tropaeolum was planted mid-summer and only in the last two weeks has it budded and bloomed - it took off suddenly. 

Mine is planted in the ground and I'll be interested to see any advice on protection for the winter.

Independence Day?

Posted: 28/06/2016 at 09:54

Hi KT53

The Tory Party and the Parliamentary Labour Party want to get rid of Corbyn.  Read 'The Westminster Cartel' chapter in Owen Jones Book mentioned in my earlier post.  The Labour Party have massive private investment and the Blairite factions are serious careerists with affiliations to corporations.  Corbyn wants to retain public services 'public'.  Most of the rest of Westminster doesn't.  Read Owen Jones' book and read Private Eye.  There are more Westminster MPs who are directors, advisors, working for lobbying groups and private interests than there are those who are only MPs in the old-fashioned understanding of the word.  Cameron didn't buddy-up his cabinet with America corporations just for fun.  You have to ask yourself why cabinet members have to be buddied with Coca Cola etc.  Why does the electorate of the UK need Coca Cola within Westminster?  These are questions you should be asking.  The Labour Party under Blair increased the Westminster Cartel to the point of explosion.  You think they work for you?  Read the book and read Private Eye.  It tells you who everybody works for - and read who the press and media control.  Westminster is the famous 'revolving door'.

Independence Day?

Posted: 27/06/2016 at 22:42

I'm Scottish.  I was disappointed in the EU referendum result - but - I have no difficulty in seeing things from all sides and am not surprised at all by the result, the reasons why voters placed their votes for either Remain or Leave - and I am least surprised by what we are now witnessing being played out both by the media and by events in Westminster.  Particularly today when statements were made both by the Prime Minister and most particularly by leading Brexit personalities who now are declaring that the closest relationship possible with the EU must be established, little different from what existed and not suprisingly the same personalities now declaring that it would be unfair not to accept the free movement of people if the UK is given a 'good deal'.  Emphasis was also made that the UK would of course be taking up freely now the ambition for much expanded deals with China and India.

I don't believe it is wise to talk detailed politics or perhaps even polite to discuss these things on a gardening forum.  But, it is very worth looking on youtube to David Cameron's speech to the British Chambers of Commerce in Jan or Feb 2015 where he pretty much lays out his ambition for TTIP as 'the big one' with the intention of persuading the EU to adopt it along with doing away with diplomatic sanctions and tariffs to 'get those deal signed' with China and Asian markets.  Then read the 2014/15 book published by Owen Jones 'The Establishment and How It Gets Away With It'.  This tells you how the country is governed and who by and what the ambitions of specific political parties are.  The last thing, if you can stomach such seriousness is to look again at the tv footage of David Cameron the day after the Scottish Referendum and the shock to even his own Better Together colleagues when he announced English Votes for English Laws.

If you can be bothered to put these together - you will see how cleverly it has - amidst the seeming drama in Westminster today which was calm as a flat ocean - how all would seem to have pretty much worked out as Mr Cameron desired in 2015 - including the getting rid of Mr Corbyn who wishes to protect what remains of public services.

It's incredibly sad but remarkable that everyone today in Westminster seemed jollier than one might have expected.

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